MULT1025 Professions And Society Assessment 1

Subject Code & Title :- MULT1025 Professions And Society
Weighting :- 20%
Length Postgraduate :- 1000 words (+/-10%).
Assignment Type :- Assessment 1 Short reflective essay
Purpose :-
The purpose of this assessment is for students to apply their knowledge of academic skills and reflective practice.
MULT1025 Professions And Society Assessment 1

MULT1025 Professions And Society Assessment 1

Learning outcomes :-
(a) Demonstrate effective information literacy skills when identifying and critically evaluating credibility of sources
(b) Demonstrate critical reflective thinking skills in the analysis of ethics in contemporary society and their value in professional life

MULT1025 Professions And Society Assessment 1

Assessment Details and Instructions :-
In the course of your study you may find part of your own life experience reflected in the course material or assessment tasks. Sometimes this can be challenging. We encourage you to consider the context of practice here and what this can teach you about your own future career rather than focusing on the experience of individuals in the system which may be more distressing. ACAP offers a range of supports, including one-on-one counselling, if you need to reach out and de-brief. Please also reach out to your tutors or the unit coordinator.

Process :-
Working as a professional in human services is a rewarding career. New graduates may find themselves working with vulnerable individuals with significant responsibilities in their new roles.

MULT1025 Professions And Society Assessment 1

MULT1025 Professions And Society Assessment 1

This is where reflective practice is needed.

Working for child safety is a rewarding role, however, there are organisational and social pressures that can complicate decision making.

In this reflective essay, students watch a short video on some of these organisational and social pressures and engage with three pieces of literature on the subject (see the Moodle class space for details).

Students should then revisit the learning from week one through to week four and write a short reflective essay on the following topic:

Consider the ethical considerations that you feel are the most relevant if you were an early career professional working in the child-safety system and how you might manage these on a day-to-day basis.

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