MNGT2006 Decision Making Under Uncertainty Assignment 2

Subject Code & Title: MNGT2006 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Weighting : 20%
Length: 2000 Words
Submission: Method turnitin
Assessment Criteria: Marking rubric (uploaded on Blackboard)
Assessment type: Written Assignment
Alignment to Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Evaluate decision processes, outcomes and contingencies.
2.Apply decision-making theories to case study problems and their solutions as well as to personal experience in the group assignment.
MNGT2006 Decision Making Under Uncertainty Assessment 2

MNGT2006 Decision Making Under Uncertainty Assignment 2

Purpose :- The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate students’ skills and abilities to deliver a well-researched argumentative essay, adopting an accepted academic writing style and fully referencing in accordance with APA 7th edition referencing style.

Description: In completing this assessment, students will deliver a well-researched, coherent argumentative essay. To successfully complete this assessment, students must demonstrate skills in research, analysis, and synthesis of arguments around decision-making theory.

MNGT2006 Decision Making Under Uncertainty Assignment 2

Question / Task: Write an argumentative essay, providing arguments for and against, as well as a justified position (a conclusion) in relation to the proposition:

Ultimately, individual decision making during a crisis / pandemic is based entirely on perception of risk.

Note : Argumentative essays aim to convince the reader to accept the author’s position on a particular issue topic proposition or question. A fundamental aspect is that there are (at least) two sides to the argument. Both the argument and counter-argument must be evaluated using facts and evidence from relevant external sources. The author’s position and justification must be clear to the reader.

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