MKTG5004 Research Proposal Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- MKTG5004 Research Proposal
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Research Proposal :- (40%) (Individual Assessment)
Word Count :- 2500 +/- 10% (excluding appendices and references)
Formatting :- Times New Roman/Calibri/Arial, 12pt, 1.5 spacing Justified
MKTG5004 Research Proposal Assignment

MKTG5004 Research Proposal Assignment

Assessment brief :-
Based on a research gap identified in your literature review, you are to develop a research proposal that addresses this gap.The main objective of a proposal is to present and justify a research idea and explain a suitable practical approach to your study.

1.Structure :-
1. Develop a title that is suitable to your proposal. The title needs to be consistent with the proposed research methods and topic.

MKTG5004 Research Proposal Assignment

2. Introduction
 Discuss your chosen’s topic relevance to a current issue/industry context.
 Briefly introduce the reader to key issues/topic
 Explain how your proposed research addresses one or more research gaps.

3.Research question
 State your research question.

4.Research objectives
 State your research objectives.

MKTG5004 Research Proposal Assignment

MKTG5004 Research Proposal Assignment

5. Development of research model and hypotheses/propositions
 Describe and justify the relationships between the different variables/constructs that need to be examined to solve the research problem.
 Develop adequate research hypotheses or propositions.
 Illustrate your hypotheses or propositions in a research model.

6.Research methodology
 Justify your overall research strategy to the problem you have identified.
 Describe and justify your sampling frame procedure and over all research strategy.
 Describe and justify your data collection methods.
 Justify the proposed data analysis.
 Address ethical issues relevant to your proposed research.

7. Time scale and resources
 Propose a realistic timescale to your study (use a table format).
 Outline required resources for the completion of your studies.

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