MIS202 Assignment App Web Design And Development

Subject Code and Title :- MIS202 App Web Design and Development
Assessment :- Frontend Programming Project
Individual/Group Individual
Length Not applicable
Weighting 30%
Learning Outcomes : The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Examine and apply web-based application architecture
b) Propose and communicate solutions using web-based design to meet organisational needs
c) Analyse organisational problems and develop solutions using frontend and backend technologies
d) Apply web-based programming concepts to solve organisational problems
MIS202 Assignment App Web Design And Development

MIS202 Assignment App Web Design And Development

Task Summary :-
In Assessments 2 and 3 you will turn the website prototype you developed in Assessment 1 into a working website. In this assessment, you will be developing the frontend of that website. Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

Context :-
In this assessment you will focus on frontend development. In particular you will demonstrate your HTML CSS and Java Script programming skills and apply them in a close-to-real-life web development project.

Task Instructions :-
This assessment is based on the case study on Student Accommodation. You should first read the case in Assessment 1. You should also read the additional information for Assessment 2.

Additional information for the case :-
The website will support all the most recent several versions of mainstream browsers, including Safari Chrome IE Edge and Firefox. Considering the popularity of mobile devices this website should also be able to be viewed on a mobile device with a mobile browser that is the lay out of the website shall be able to automatically adapt to various screen sizes and resolutions.

MIS202 Assignment App Web Design And Development

The company places a high standard on the us ability of this website and requires you to develop a website that maximises usability. The following usability considerations must be implemented:

 contextual help tips provided to users when they mouse over a button or an input field;
 client-side validation must be implemented e.g. prompt to user when their password and confirmed password do not match or if the input is invalid (e.g. a negative number for weekly rent).

All programming code must be well formatted, including appropriate indentation and spacing.
Please refer to section 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2 in Google HTML/CSS Style Guide available at

You must also provide sufficient comments in the code. In particular, comments must be provided to significant blocks of code that directly address the functional requirements of this system.

Assessment Task :-
You are now to develop a comprehensive frontend for the website in the case study using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The frontend must comprehensively include all the functional requirements described in the case study and the requirements you identified in Task 1, 2 in Assessment 1 for each user either described in the case study, or that you identified in Task 3.1 in Assessment 1. The frontend must also satisfy all the requirements in the Additional Information for the case section in this Assessment.

There is NO minimum HTML page requirement nor maximum HMTL page requirement.

General Assessment Requirement :-
Incomprehensible submissions – Assessments provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to achieve the required standard. To do this, assessment responses need to be both clear and easy to understand. If not the University cannot determine that students have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. Assessments will, therefore be marked accordingly including the potential for 0 (zero) marks where relevant.

MIS202 Assignment App Web Design And Development

MIS202 Assignment App Web Design And Development

Case study: Assessment response must focus on the hypothetical case study given in the Task Instructions. Any assessment items that do not address the case study may be awarded 0 (zero) marks.

Track changes :- If you use Track Changes when writing your assessment, you must ensure that the submitted document is the final and correct version of the document. That is, if your submitted report contains Track Changes or Comments or any other editing marks, it may be awarded 0 (zero) marks. It is your responsibility to submit the final and correct version of your report.

Check with marking criteria: Before submitting your assessment, you should check it against the assessment criteria and the marking rubric included in this specification to ensure that you have satisfactorily addressed all the criteria that will be used to mark your submission.

Academic language : All submissions should be thoroughly proofread for spelling typo graphical or grammatical errors before being submitted. Do not reply on the ‘spell-check’ function in your word processing program. If for example affect is substituted for effect your program may not detect the error.

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