MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams Assignment

Subject Code and Title :- MGT600 Management People and Teams / MGMT6009 Managing People and Teams
Assessment :- Team Performance Evaluation
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- Up to 1,500 words
Weighting :- 30%
Assessment Task :- You are required to critically assess the performance of your team and recommend improvements based on the relevant concepts and frameworks you have learnt in this subject in a 1,500-word team evaluation report.
MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams Assignment

MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams Assignment

Learning Outcomes:
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Critically assess the key principles and theories underlying management to achieve high-performing organisations at projects teams and individual levels.
b) Critically evaluate and reflect on effective relationships between people and teams in organisations and projects.
c) Demonstrate effective communication and practical problem-solving skills to manage people in a range of complex contexts.
d) Critically reflect on the roles and functions that managers perform in the context of the challenges and risks in the changing global environment.
e) Develop and justify contemporary management strategies to address a variety of people management issues to ensure best practice and quality outcomes.

MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams Assignment

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

Context :-
Managers are responsible for the delivery of products services and results whether that be in an operational or project context. This invariably requires not only the creation and development of teams including performance improvement but also the management of a variety of team organisational and cultural dynamics.

This assessment requires you to conduct a review of team performance and demonstrate and apply your understanding of team processes and dynamics. In doing so you will review the performance of the group to which you were allocated for the purpose of Assessments 1 and 2.

This will help you to demonstrate analytical evaluative and problem solving skills to develop strategies and actions for performance improvement.

MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams Assignment


1. Review your team’s performance in completing the first two assessments and make recommendations for improvement.

• In reviewing the team performance, considerations must be given to the following:
o How did your team come together and what phases or stages did it go through?
o What roles did team members play?
o What challenges were presented?
o How did individual, team, and contextual dynamics impact performance?
o What would you do differently to improve performance?
o How would you apply your learnings in your current or future workplace?

• Please note that you are not required to review the quality and content of the assessments you produced as a team. Instead, you are required to review the performance of the team in completing the assessment tasks.

• You are required to specifically apply and discuss concepts from Modules 4, 5, and 6 as well as any relevant processes and concepts from earlier modules.

• The evaluation needs to be supported with evidence from academic research as well as examples from your own experiences and or observations. You will also find the module activities useful in prompting your thinking.

MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams Assignment

MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams Assignment

2.Write a team evaluation report of 1500 words using the following structure:
Cover sheet: Student details (student name, ID number, subject code & name, assessment number and title)
Executive summary
Table of contents

Introduction: Outline the purpose and structure of your report.
Background: Briefly describe your team’s purpose and relevant contextual issues.
Main discussion: Review your team’s performance covering key concepts from all modules.Exploring these within an appropriate theoretical framework would be appropriate here.
Recommendations / action plan: Provide recommended strategies and actions to improve your team’s performance.
Reference list

3.You are strongly advised to read the rubric which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment—this will give you a clear picture of what a successful report looks like.

It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research.
Please see more information on referencing in the Academic Skills web page.

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