Medication Management Assignment

Unit Title :- Medication Management
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Problem Statement description:
Implementation of a self-administration medication program for the inpatient setting on a Short-Stay Medical Unit.
Medication Management Assignment

Medication Management Assignment

Who & Where: Medication errors put health consumers at risk in both the inpatient and home settings

What: Collaboration between the consumer and the nurse to assess, plan and set goals for self-management of their medication is not commonplace.

When: During hospitalisation. 

Why: Errors are associated with increased length of hospital admission financial and human costs (Sorensen et al. 2020; Vanwesemael et al. 2020). Evidence shows that enabling a person to self-manage their medication whilst an inpatient can have a positive impact on these areas

Alfred Health places the providence of high-quality patient-centred care at the pinnacle of its strategic plan for 21-23.  The number one goal highlights the importance of patient satisfaction shared decision-making and improving health literacy are to the organisation with a strong focus towards patient empowerment to manage their own health and to increase partnership between patients and care teams.

Self-management supports patient involvement by working collaboratively to improve patient health literacy through education skill development and empowerment to confidently manage their condition.  Advantages of self-management programs include greater patient independence knowledge and adherence to recommended treatment regimens.

This brief proposes the initiation of a program to promote self-administration of medications within the hospital setting to facilitate safe medication management routines when discharged, supporting patients in their medical treatment while reducing health care associated costs.

Medication Management Assignment

Medication Management Assignment

Assignment Instructions: Provide Problem Statement and Goal
Problem Statement: Scope of project: – pls use the 5W’s description above. Medication error for patients chronic condition in short stay medical unit during hospitalisation).

1.Starting with the project problem statement

2.A statement detailing the main type of needs to be addressed and/or key problem to be solved.

3.A project problem statement should be about 1 – 2 sentences. Clear and consicise.

4.Problem statement should be made up of the 5 W’s + 1H Who What When Where Why. Don’t answer each of these individually they all need to be included in the 2 well-structured sentences.

Medication Management Assignment

Think about:
• Explaining the problem you want to address.
• You should describe the current situation.
• Use the 5W’s
• What is the problem?
• Where is it a problem?
• Why is it a problem?
• When is it a problem?
• Who is it a from for?

Goal: Pls use the background/justification

1.Decide what you want to achieve, then work out specifically how to do it. The project goal is the what part.

2.Your goal is your ultimate overall outcome you want to achieve

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