MARK804 Principles of Marketing Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- MARK804 Principles of Marketing
Weighting :- 40%
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Word Limit :- 600-700 Words
MARK804 Principles of Marketing Assignment

MARK804 Principles of Marketing Assignment

Question 1
You have been recently appointed as the marketing manager of a shoe producing company. The company’s recent studies show that they have a major issue with their segmentation. Your boss would like to see whether you are capable of defining clear market segments. This is an important task since your employment depends on it.

You are required to in corporate the four (4) segmentation approaches and define four (4) segments. The identified segments need to have clear and meaningful names. You will need to:

1. Explain what segmentation is.
2. Define three clear segments. Each segment has five (5) marks including one (1) mark for the name and four (4) marks for properly incorporating each of the segmentation approaches.
3.Identify the market segment you will target and justify why
4.Define and justify a buyer persona from the target market you have identified.

Question 2 :-
You have been working as a marketing coordinator in a coffee chain for two years but you have not yet had the promotion that you believe you deserve. To impress your manager, you have spent a few weeks planning a new product for the company which will target the healthy drinker segment in the market.

1.Define and explain different stages of new product development cycle.

2.Reflect on your target market and explain the characteristics (e.g. ingredients product name) that your new product will have.You need to justify why you believe such characteristics are necessary for this product.

Question 3 :-
Consider the scenario given in Question 2. You have already approached your boss with your new product development plan which includes only your product name and characteristics. Your boss is impressed and has asked you to work on it more and cover the following elements:

1.An approximate price along with a clear justification for the price and the pricing strategy.

2.A clear promotion strategy including what platforms you will use and why you believe such platforms are the right ones.

3.An illustration of what an ad will look like in your promotion campaign (e.g. a poster). You need to justify that the ad can convey the right message to the target market.

Please remember that you need to reflect on your target market to justify any element of your suggested marketing mix.

MARK804 Principles of Marketing Assignment

MARK804 Principles of Marketing Assignment

Question 4
You are a progressive marketing manager working in a fashion company. You have realised that your newly appointed manager is not aware of the importance of ethical issues in advertising. Since body shaming is an important issue in your fashion industry you have decided to use the case of Olay’s Definity eye cream ad in

You need to cover the following:
1.Explain the ethical problem of this ad.
2. Identify and explain two similar cases in which companies had the same un ethical issue in their advertisements.
3.Do you think the same ad can receive different reactions in another target market (e.g. a country like Iran India, or China which are culturally different from England)?

You need to do research yourself about the Olay case as the link provided for you is just one of the sources you should cover.

Do not forget that you need to support your statements with proper references wher ever necessary.

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