Legal Analysis And Critique Assignment

Word limit : 1,000 words – excludes footnotes titles and headings.
Foot notes : in accordance with the AGLC.
Bibliography :- no
Format: A word limit of 1,000 words has been set which excludes foot notes titles and headings The word limit will be strictly enforced. Please remember that this assignment has been structured so that a well considered and scholarly written assignment may be achieved with in the prescribed word limit.
Legal Analysis And Critique Assignment

Legal Analysis And Critique Assignment

There are strict formatting requirements with which students are required to comply:

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Number all pages consecutively.

Question :-
Chapter 7 of Connecting with Law provides an overview of major schools of thought in law or jurisprudential schools’. Critically analyse the decision in Commonwealth v Australian Capital Territory (2013) 250 CLR 441 and discuss: how do the theoretical materials studied in the subject so far help us to understand and critique the decision?

You should consider in your essay how the decision aligns with a particular jurisprudential school studied in the subject so far. Discuss the judgment from the perspective of natural law/positivist debate. Your essay should make reference to at least one of the ‘key theorists’ noted in Chapter 7 of Connecting with Law.

Consider any possible counter-arguments to your conclusions Your essay can also engage with seminar materials beyond the text book chapter, and further research note how ever that you will not need to make reference to any more than 3-5 further sources to perform well in this task.

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