Leadership Reflection Assessment 

Unit Title :- Leadership Reflection
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Weight: 30%
Estimated student workload: 15 hours
Words Count :- 1500 words
Task Overview:
In up to 1500 words this assessment evaluates students ability to critically reflect on the leadership ideas and practices that they have learned in this unit. Please apply insights from a leadership perspective introduced from Session 1 to Session 5 to analyse a recent leadership experience challenge at work and provide a critique of the leadership insights from this perspective. Leadership perspective refers to the sessional themes and all the relevant concepts and theories associated with the themes. For example you can analyse your leadership experience from the perspectives of follower ship leadership developmental network or servant leadership etc. You can use multiple perspectives if you want but please be aware of the word limit.
Leadership Reflection Assessment 

Leadership Reflection Assessment 

Specifically please :-
1.concisely but clearly describe the leadership experience challenge
2. clearly articulate and justify the leadership perspective and related insights that you would like to apply provide a research literature-based overview of what this perspective has suggested what you should do to maximize leadership development and effectiveness
3.Provide in-depth analyses of how this perspective can be applied in your recent leadership experience challenge what did you do well and what mistakes did you make? What about the other parties involved? etc. provide a critique of the relevant leadership research literature e.g. did your leader experience provide a counter evidence against the leadership literature? What other contradicting insights and propositions can you find in the literature? etc. Please note that to do well in this assessment you will benefit from conducting a quick literature review of the main academic papers and books on the leadership perspective you would like to apply Besides the class slides and the recommended readings you can easily find relevant leadership research papers via google scholar or Macquarie library. Please reference at least 6 academic papers books using APA (7th) style. I have also listed a few examples of the top academic research journals where the latest leadership research is published please feel free to use articles from other high-quality journals not listed here.

Academy of Management Journal
Academy of Management Review
Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Journal of Management
Administrative Science Quarterly
Journal of Organizational behavior
Leadership Quarterly
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Psychological Science :-
Finally to conduct a good critique of the relevant research literature, you can either draw on your own leadership experience or you can present insights and propositions from relevant leadership articles that challenge what I introduce in class which is the dominant view from the relevant leadership perspective.

For example if you want to conduct a critique on servant leadership which the existing research has described as very positive may be you can draw on details of the leadership experience you have described and argue that adopting a servant leadership approach actually led to negative outcomes for you Alternatively you can cite leadership articles from management scholars and experts who have argued that servant leadership doesn’t always work Please note that this is just an example only.

Leadership Reflection Assessment 

Leadership Reflection Assessment 

More broadly among the insights and suggestions from this leadership perspective which ones do you disagree with? Do you think there are conditions under which this leadership approach will be less effective? How can this perspective be revised to better reflect real leadership practices in organizations? please note that these are simply sample questions please feel free to critique the chosen leadership perspective in your own ways.

Late Assessment Policy :
Unless a Special Consideration request has been submitted and approved no extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available assessment-task marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24-hour period or part thereof that the submission is late. Late submissions will only be accepted up to 96 hours after the due date and time.

No late submissions will be accepted for timed assessments – e.g., quizzes online tests

Leadership Reflection Assignment

Special Consideration :-
To request an extension on the due date/time for a timed or non-timed assessment task you must submit a Special Consideration application An application for Special Consideration does not guarantee approval.

The approved extension date for a student becomes the new due date for that student.
The late submission penalties above then apply as of the new due date

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