JALE2024 Drugs And Crime V1.0 Assessment 

Subject Code & Title :- JALE2024 Drugs And Crime V1.0
Assessment Type :- Discussion Forums
Weighting :- 30%
Length :- 1500 words (750 words per forum topic)
JALE2024 Drugs And Crime V1.0 Assessment 

JALE2024 Drugs And Crime V1.0 Assessment 

Learning Outcomes :
a. Examine key issues relating to licit and illicit substance use in Australian society
b. Demonstrate knowledge of the various factors that inform the drug debate and shape drug policy, such as historical, health, political and societal influences
c. Examine the association between substance use and anti-social behaviours, including criminal offending
d. Analyse attempts by authorities to prevent or reduce substance use and abuse and the difficulties encountered y authorities when attempting to do so

Assessment Details and Instructions :
Two discussion forums will be available via the online class space (Moodle) across weeks 2-5. The availability and due date for each forum is as per the table above, with topics as follows:

JALE2024 Drugs And Crime V1.0 Assessment 

JALE2024 Drugs And Crime V1.0 Assessment 

• Forum 1 (Week 10): If you were to design a drug abuse awareness campaign program, what would it involve? Attempt to prevent onset as well as reduce use.

• Forum 2 (Week 12): Given the failure of punitive approaches to drug use, harm minimisation approaches must be adopted more widely. Discuss.

You are expected to contribute approximately 750 words for each topic. Contribute one original post of no more than 500 words in length and at least one response for each topic. Response posts should be no more than 250 words in length. For each original post, you must include at least two references to illustrate or support your argument. Ensure references are cited as per the APA 7 style.

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