ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Assessment 1: Individual Report 1
In this assessment students are required to develop a mobility policy for a nominated organisation that is enforceable, manageable, user friendly, and secure. Students must identify the unique policy and security challenges of their organisation and its industry enumerate threat vectors and provide rationale for policy choices.
ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security Assignment

ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security Assignment

• Assessment Weighting: 30%
• Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1 – 3

Introduction :-

You are the IT Manager of an organisation of your choice. You are required to design the organisation’s mobility policy and present the report to the company’s CEO.

The primary goal of the policy is end user enablement; at the same time, the policy must also be enforceable manageable user friendly (hence adoption and compliance and secure. The report must include the use of academic evidence from journal articles with at least five academic citations.

ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security Assignment

Minimum Requirement :-

1.Define which organisation you are working form, real or fictitious are both acceptable. Minimum users in your organisation – 25

2. Describe the organisation type corporations, governments, international, charities,educational institutions, finance etc.) and the security challenges

3.Define Mobility Use Case such as:
• Business to employee (B2E) o Employee app with non-sensitive data o Employee app with sensitive data
• Business to customer (B2C) o Consumer Financial services app o Consumer insurance app o Consumer retail app
• Business to business (B2B)
• note that most organisations will have multiple use cases for their devices

4. Detail the policies standards baselines guidelines and procedures explain your rationale. The following questions may be useful while defining the polices:

• Is BYOD Allowed?
• Physical Security
• Do you have a standardised device type, what happened when they are end-of-life?
• What is the minimum OS requirement?
• Lost and Stolen Policy, Device Pool Replenishment?
• Are users allowed to install their personal apps?
• Is personal use allowed? Limits on personal use? Can the organisation wipe personal data?
• Device passcode requirement/ Encryption requirement
• Is SD Cards on devices allowed?
• Periodic Wipe?
• Compromise Device Policy (i.e. what would you constitute a compromised device that is consider unsafe?)
• Must the user bring their device to work? What if they didn’t?
• Can the organisation track the owner’s location? Do we tell them they are being tracked?

ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security Assignment

ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security Assignment

5.Draw the procedure/process of ONE of the following using Cross-Functional Flow Chart:

o Lost or Stolen o Security Breach
o New Device/Breach o Device
Troubleshooting o App
Troubleshooting o New Device
Procurement /
Provisioning o Any other
relevant procedure/

ITNET301A Mobile Computing And Security Assignment

Assignment Format :-

Professional Report approximately 8-10 pages long, including table of contents executive summary and references of the report.

• Filename: firstname_lastname_A1.docx
• Has your full name and number in the footer of every page.
• Submitted using Turnitin via Moodle, hence, don’t include cover sheet

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