International Financial Services Assignment

Course :- Higher Certificate in International Financial Services
Module Title :- Customer Service CA1(1of 2)
Word Count :- 2000-2500 Words Report -500 Word Reflection (10% margin allowable) % of total assessment marks: 50%
International Financial Services Assignment

International Financial Services Assignment

General Requirements for Students :-

Presentation of written submissions
i. Projects should be word processed applying the following format: Times New Roman font: Size 12; 1.5 Line Spacing.
ii. Students should show their name, student no. programme module and year at the beginning of the assignment itself along with the assignment title
iii. Students should submit the completed work on the Turnitin Tab on the Customer Service Moodle Page .
iv. Both tasks are required to be in the same report and submitted together

These tasks refer to Learning outcomes 1.2.3.and 5

Task One:
• Students are to carry out an evaluation of the customer service orientation and practice of a customer orientated organisation. The analysis should examine its adherence to its own customer charter legislation and regulations.

International Financial Services Assessment- Australia.

• Students will under take preliminary bench marking and primary research of all relevant customer service platforms and processes to deduce whether it meets best practice or more creative strategies and approaches need to be employed.
• Students will present their findings in report form. This report will include an overview of the chosen organisation. The report should then present the findings of the research with any lessons that the student feels the firm might benefit from in its customer service practice. (70%) 2000/2500 words

International Financial Services Assignment

International Financial Services Assignment

Task Two:
Finally the report should contain a personal perspective gained by the student from carrying out the research. What did the student learn from carrying out this research that will inform their professional practice in the future? (30%) 500 words

1.Your submission should be fully referenced identifying all sources of information used. You will lose marks if you do not reference properly and/or depending on the severity you may have to repeat this assignment.
2.You will be penalised for any late submission of your report i.e. after one week of the due date you will be deducted 10% – thereafter 5% daily!

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