ICTNWK561 Design Enterprise Wireless Local Area Networks Assessment

Subject Code & Title: ICTNWK561 Design Enterprise Wireless Local Area Networks
Assignment Type: Assessment
Task 1 – Enterprise Wireless LAN
Using attached floor plan as a wired LAN design conduct internal site survey and design a complex Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
ICTNWK561 Design Enterprise Wireless Local Area Networks Assessment

ICTNWK561 Design Enterprise Wireless Local Area Networks Assessment

1.Wired LAN design:
2. 30.5m x 22.5m
3.Wiring installation cost: $7,540


Your document must include:
A. Introduction
a. Description of what you will do during this task (1 paragraph)

B. Site Survey
a. Profile installation building construction
i. List the materials of the floor plan and how it’s going to affect the strength of the wireless signal
b. Count heads and balance the load
i. Count the number of devices need to connect wirelessly
ii. Based on the devices’ location, calculate how many access point you need

C. Research:
a. Networking devices
i. List the networking devices you need to turn the Wired LAN design into WLAN design
ii. Explain each of the networking devices listed
iii. Provide a screenshot of the networking device (include price and specification)

b. Tools
i. List a range of tools you need to use to do site survey and installation of WLAN design (e.g. cable testing, equipment testing, modelling tools, power meters, radiation meter, ping, traceroute, etc.)
ii. Give a brief explanation of the tools you listed above

D. Design
a. Based on your calculation and research, design the WLAN using the floor plan given
i. Put the access point in the floor plan
ii. For each access point, mark the devices will use which access point
b. Explain which protocols for wireless security (e.g. WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.) you are going to use and why

E. Benefits
a. Compare the cost of Wired LAN design (provided) and WLAN design (you propose)
b. Advantage of using WLAN compared to Wired LAN
c. How are you going to integrate wireless technology to an already existing network structure?

F. Referencing
a. The Referencing style that we use is APA style. Please follow the link below for more information

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