HSYP8103 Public Health Law And Economics Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- HSYP8103 Public Health Law And Economics
Task title :- Law Module Report
Weighting :- 30%
Format/length :- This assessment has a limit of 2200 words.
Unit learning outcomes :-
ULO1: Describe legal frameworks, sources of legal authority and associated processes that influence public health.
ULO2: Critically analyse and apply evidenced-based regulatory strategies to protect public health and promote wellbeing.
ULO6: Articulate the role of public policy in promoting and protecting health and preventing disease.
HSYP8103 Public Health Law And Economics Assignment

HSYP8103 Public Health Law And Economics Assignment

Background :-
In this module we have learned that the law is a powerful tool that can hinder or advance public health efforts. We have considered:

 contemporary approaches to public health law
 balancing competing individual and societal interests.
 how actors can shape policy outcomes.
This report allows you to choose a public health topic and jurisdiction that interests you to demonstrate your learning.

Description :-
Choose a public health issue in a specific jurisdiction. Examine legal or potential legal responses to this issue through an established framework for balancing public health with human rights. You cannot choose e-cigarettes or vaping as your public health issue.

Your report should include:

  • An introduction that clearly (and briefly) outlines:
    o the public health issue and its importance in the context you have chosen.
    o existing or potential public health laws or issues that are relevant.

Master of Public Health

A body that:
o includes a clear discussion of how compelling the case is for legal (and other) approaches in your chosen jurisdiction.
o identifies factors that have advanced or hindered the legal response, including stake holder positions.
o identifies the framework you have chosen to use to assess the impacts on human rights and how it applies e.g. explore if the policy well targeted and proportionate and are coercive measures compatible with other rights?

HSYP8103 Public Health Law And Economics Assignment

A recommendation about the appropriate action to take.
This could also:
o identify any strategies that might be used to address shortcomings in the approach.
o outline any additional information required.

A conclusion.

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