HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

Subject Code & Title :- HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief
Weight :- 50% of unit assessment
Assignment Type :- Essay 1
Length :-
 3000 words
This assessment relates to: Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3
You will need to have completed Modules 1 – 4 prior to commencing this assignment.
HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

In relation to loss traditional models of grief suggest that there are discernible patterns relating to the grief experience that enable us to describe compare and contrast individual experiences against normative criteria.

Contemporary models of grief how ever emphasise the un iqueness and individuality of the experience for the mourner.

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

In light of the above statement, how do both Traditional and Contemporary approaches have contributions to make to an integrated perspective in counselling practice when responding to a client experiencing retrenchment from employment?

Watch the following video in which Jean and Scott share their story of their daughter’s death:

In light of this video describe the losses experienced by Jean and Scott.
 You might like to consider the following factors when crafting your response:
 The primary loss and the secondary losses accompanying it.
 Where it occurred developmentally in the lives of Jean and Scott.
 What kind of loss it was – e.g. anticipated, unexpected, traumatic.
 What socio-cultural and familial factors influenced their loss experience and subsequent grieving.
 What level of acknowledgement and support they have received.
 Their grief-related responses to their daughter’s death.

Out of all the factors you have identified, which ones are likely to have the greatest impact on the grief experienced by Jean and Scott, and why?

Describe which model or models of grief (refer to Module 4) you would use if you were working with either Jean or Scott please be clear about which parent you would be working with. Provide a rationale for the choice of model/s.

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

What personal or professional challenges might arise for you as a counsellor in this instance? Justify your response using references.

Structure and style
Use Times New Roman at font size 12-point. Double-space your assignment to allow room for markers to make comment as per APA referencing style guide. 

You need to include a title page. This should contain: your name student number unit title number assessment number name due date unit coordinator and your actual word count. Please do NOT decorate the page (e.g. graphics photographs). This page is not included in your word count.

Please begin your response to the assessment task on a separate page to the title page.

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

Your assignment must include an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should provide your assessor with a preview of the key areas that will be covered in your paper and the main point/s you will be arguing. The body of the paper must follow the structure you put forward in your introduction. Each area of analysis you have outlined needs to be well supported by the literature (Please make sure you use only reputable sources for this – see Referencing section below). Each area of analysis should speak to strengths and weaknesses of your point to demonstrate critical thinking.

The purpose of your conclusion is to bring together the main points you have argued.
The conclusion needs to be brief and generally no new information is introduced. For assignments that require a higher degree of self-reflection, the conclusion can also include key personal learning.

You must write a clear and well constructed response either in essay format or with sub headings as you need them eg Part 1 or Question 1. Do not include the question in the subheading as this will effect both your word count and Turnitin score (See Submission section below). The use of dot points in assignments are only allowed following APA guidelines.

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

Included in your word count are In-text references and any tables or figures if requested by the unit coordinator in assignment question. A 10% + or – leeway is provided in relation to the final actual word count. If you exceed the 10% leeway, as per School of Health policy the marker will discontinue reading. Your work will then be graded on and be reflective of the content you have provided within the designated word count.

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

Make sure you clearly understand the difference between objective and subjective arguments. Academic arguments need to be objective this means your assignment is based on contemporary peer reviewed sources published with in the past 10 years unless the work is by a seminal author and not your own opinion. 

You must write in a critical manner than responds to the essence of the question rather than a descriptive manner. Good critical analysis will go beyond identifying what you are being asked to identify.

It demonstrates a capacity to analyse the potential impact of what you identify drawing on literature it accounts for multiple perspectives and demonstrates a capacity to question your own assumptions.

HSCS474 Counselling For Loss And Grief Essay

Academic papers are required to be written in 3 rd  person and reflective papers must be written in first person. Both are academic styles of writing the key difference between them is that in reflective papers the author is the subject being critically analysed. When you are asked to reflect on your own process the relevant section will always be in first person and must demonstrate substantiated critical reflection. This means that on such occasions your response should include your own perspective but this perspective must be linked to theory.

We strongly encourage you to use the  Studiosity  service for editing and feedback prior to submitting your work.

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