HS1011 Networking Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- HS1011 Networking
Assessment Type :- Individual Assignment
% of total :- 25%
Learning Outcomes :- 1,2,3
Duration/Word Length :- 1500 words
Summative :- Yes
Assessment Description :-
This individual assignment is designed to exercise and develop skills required to analyse and design networks requirements and to address the clients’ needs.This assignment consists of two parts:
PART 1: Wireshark Tasks.
PART 2: Critical Thinking Challenges.
HS1011 Networking Assignment

HS1011 Networking Assignment


This part consists of TWO Wire shark Tasks:
Capturing Trace Route Packets
Use Wireshark to capture Trace Route packets.
Required Tools and Equipment: Wireshark installed

Description :-
In this challenge task you capture packets generated by the Trace Route program. You need to determine what types of packets are generated so that you know which types of packets to capture and inspect. Run Trace Route using any Web sites you like and capture the packets your computer generates and the router responses. After you have finished this task write a short memo discussing the following points:

HS1011 Networking Assignment

• What type of packets does Trace Route use?
• What’s the response each router sends back to your computer?
• How does your computer get a response from each router between your computer and the destination?

Capturing and Identifying DHCP Packets
Capture the packets used to lease a DHCP address to a client.
Required Tools and Equipment: Wireshark installed a configured DHCP server (use your home router)

Description :-
Using Wireshark and a suitable capture filter, capture the packets involved in a DHCP IP address lease. Make sure your computer is configured to get an address via DHCP and set your computer’s IP address back to its original settings when you’re finished.

HS1011 Networking Assignment

Answer the following questions:
• What commands did you use to cause your computer to request a new address lease?
• What capture filter did you use to limit Wireshark to capturing only packets related to
• Find the four packets involved in the DHCP lease. In the Info column of Wireshark what’s the name shown for each of the four packets?
• Find the following fields in the Transport-layer header of the first packet in the DHCP lease and write down their values:
o Source port
o Destination port

PART 2 :-

This part consists of critical thinking challenges which give you the opportunity to use the skills you have learned in this unit to perform a task without step-by-step instructions. These challenges offer a practical networking set up for which you propose a suitable solution. Then you will have to evaluate the proposed solution through the reflective report writing.

Challenge One :-
The OSI model is a useful tool in troubleshooting a network because it enables you to isolate a problem to a particular software module or piece of hardware. In this project after reading the description of a problem, identify the OSI model layer or layers that are most likely involved and explain why.

HS1011 Networking Assignment

• A computer won’t connect to the network. After some investigation you find that the patch cable isn’t terminated correctly.
• A computer can access resources on the local LAN but not on a different subnet. You find that the computer’s default gateway isn’t configured correctly.
• You can ping a computer you’re trying to transfer files to via FTP, but you can’t communicate by using FTP.
• All computers connected to a particular hub have lost network connectivity. You determine that the hub is the problem.
• You receive an encrypted text file, but when you open it, the text is unreadable. You determine that decryption didn’t take place as it should have.
• You check some statistics generated by a network-monitoring program and discover that an abnormally high number of CRC errors were detected.
• One of your servers has been exhibiting sluggish network performance. You use a network monitoring program to try to evaluate the problem. You find considerable TCP retries occurring because the server is being overwhelmed by data, and packets are being discarded.
• A user is trying to connect to another computer, but the logon attempt is continually rejected.
• You try to access a Linux server to share files by using NFS. You can communicate with the server but the shared files don’t appear to be available.
• You inspect a computer that isn’t able to communicate with other computers. You find that IPv6 instead of IPv4 is installed on that computer.

HS1011 Networking Assignment

Challenge Two :-
Holmes Corporation has 10 computers in its main office area, which is networked in a star topology using 10 Mbps Ethernet hubs, and wants to add five computers in the manufacturing area. One problem with the existing network is data throughput. Large files are transferred across the network regularly and the transfers take quite a while. In addition, when two or more computers are transferring large files, the network becomes unbearably slow for users.

HS1011 Networking Assignment

Adding the manufacturing computers will only make this problem worse and result in another problem. Because the ceiling is more than 30 feet high there’s no easy way to run cables to computers and providing a secure pathway for cables is next to impossible. Devise a solution to this company’s networking problems. As part of your solution answer the following questions:

• Explain the changes in equipment that are required to bring this company’s network up to date to solve the shared-bandwidth problem?
• Draw the required topology and identify which type of device can be used in the manufacturing area to solve the cabling difficulties?

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