HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice Assignment 

Subject Code & Title :- HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice
Word Count :- 1500 words)
Assessment Type :- Assignment 
The purpose of this task is to help orient you as a practitioner to the requirements of your client. First you need to identify and address any ethical issues in your case (Section 1). Second you need to formulate the case (Section 2). Place your short response answers in the boxes below each question.
HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice Assignment 

HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice Assignment 

To complete this assignment you will need to familiarise yourself with:
1. AT 2 &3 case study ‘Lucy’
2. This worksheet
3. APS Code of Ethics
4. APS ‘How to Make a Sound Ethical Decision’
5. AT 2 Marking Rubric
6. Weekly Learning Content and Classes 3-5
7. Seminars 2 (week 3) and 3 (week 5)

NOTE: Please respect the word count for this assignment. There is a 10% leeway, meaning your maximum word count is 1650 words in total. You will be penalised 10% of your possible AT 2 grade if you exceed this lee way (refer to Criteria 9 of the AT2 Marking Rubric). Only your responses count toward the word count and Q 1 ii is excluded from the word count.

Section 1: Identify and Address any Ethical Issues
With reference to the case study and guided by the APS Code of Ethics and the 5 steps of ethical decision-making set out by the APS How to Make a sound ethical decision you need to:

1. Recognise and clarify the ethical issue/s in your case,
2. Generate possible courses of action, and then
3. Choose and justify the most preferred course of action.

Where relevant refer to Principles/Standards by APS code and title (e.g., A.1.1: Avoid discriminating unfairly)

Question 1:
What is the ethical issue/dilemma in the case?
(i) Provide a brief explanation of the ethical dilemma with respect to the Principles/Standards involved and/or any legal requirements in conflict AND
(ii) Tick the boxes of the TWO KEY STANDARDS/SUB STANDARDS specifically involved in the ethical issue.

HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice Assignment 

Question 2:
How might you recognise that there is an issue?
In your answer reflect on your ethical antenna and how you would become aware that there is a potential issue with respect to your observation of the client and situation and your own subjective experiences.

Question 3:
Which Additional ethical Principles/Standards may be relevant to your ethical issue and how you resolve it in the context of the client’s case? Only list genuinely relevant additional Principles Standards her marks are allocated based on accuracy not quantity.

HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice Assignment 

Question 4:
Who else might be affected by the ethical issue, and how might it affect your client and other KEY stake holders?
List all those potentially affected by/involved in the dilemma and how the client and KEY stakeholders may be affected.

Question 5:
Generate and examine (i.e., make transparent your evaluation of) available courses of action regarding the issue. List and explain multiple courses of action you could take in approaching the ethical issue.

These multiple courses of action should include better and worse option with respect to ethical practice. For each course of action indicate their ethical implications with respect to the APS code of ethics Principles Standards.

Question 6:
Choose the most preferred course of action, explaining the reasons for your decision.
Explain how your preferred course of action addresses the dilemma and key principles/standards identified in Q 1 i and ii, and any additional Standards of concern listed in Q3.

Section 2: Formulate the Case

With reference to the case study, and guided by the 4 Ps of case formulation
(i) formulate your case then
(ii) explain how the various factors may contribute to the client’s problem.

Question 7:
Formulate your case by identifying the 4Ps. Use the map below.
First identify the client’s PROBLEM; this should specify the diagnosis, AND the symptoms/issues underlying the diagnosis. Second identify the PREDISPOSING PRECIPITATING PERPETUATING and PROTECTIVE factors contributing to the problem. Only brief dot points are required here.

HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice Assignment 

Question 8:
Explain how TWO factors from each of the 4P categories you identified in Question 7 may contribute to the client’s problem.

In your response consider the psychological social and biological aspects of these factors and their contribution to the problem. Use the sub headings to separate the 4P factor types listing and explaining two individual factors per type.

Predisposing Factors:
Precipitating Factor/s:

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