HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay Task 1

Subject Code & Title :- HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay
Weighting :- 40%
Assignment Type :-
Task 1
Length :- 1500 Words
Purpose of assessment task :-
A socially inclusive society is based on the fundamental values of equity equality human rights justice and freedoms (UNESCO, 2018). It is estimated that costs related to social exclusion in Australia exceed $45 billion (AHRC, 2019). It is important that registered nurses are aware of mental health promotion approaches to promote social inclusion and reduce or prevent mental health complications that can arise due to social exclusion. Focusing on culturally and linguistically diverse populations (CALD) this assessment will enable you to demonstrate knowledge of social exclusion its impact on mental health and one mental health program to promote social inclusion among CALD populations.
HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay Task 1

HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay Task 1

Assignment Question / Task Description:

Discuss the causes of social exclusion and its impact on mental health among CALD population in Australia. Explain one (1) Australian mental health promotion program designed to promote social inclusion and mental health among CALD populations in Australia.

You need to include the strategies the program uses to promote social inclusion and/or mental wellbeing of CALD populations. You must relate relevant concepts from the Melbourne Charter in your explanation of the mental health promotion program.

HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay Task 1

    Instructions for this assessment task:
    i. Familiarise yourself with the online material on CloudDeakin and the material covered in the seminars;
    ii. draw on theoretical concepts of health promotion covered in HNN301;
    iii.access relevant contemporary mental health promotion literature to support your discussion;
    iv. explore well-reputed data sources reporting Australian suicide statistics in addition to current peer reviewed literature examining suicide and its impacts;
    v. search the literature to identify mental health promotion strategies to prevent suicide;
    vi.the suggested readings in the unit are a good place to start. References to non- credible websites and/or Wikipedia are not appropriate for this assessment task;
    vii. make sure you self-assess your assignment against the marking rubric available before submission. This enables you to make sure all the required areas have been covered.

    HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay Task 1

    HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay Task 1

    Presentation requirements:

    Cover page required.
    Referencing: APA 6th
    12-point type size.
    Times or Times New Roman.

    Double-line spacing (Do not insert extra lines between paragraphs or the references list

    Page numbers
    Page numbers to be provided on all pages except front page. Place page number in the top
    right hand corner

    HNN301 Medicine And Nursing Essay Task 1

    2.54 cm at the top, bottom, left-hand, and right-hand sides of the page.

    Paragraph indents
    Indent the first line of each paragraph (using the tab key or paragraph tool).

    Exceptions: abstract, block quotations, titles and headings, table titles and notes (consult with
    APA 6 style manual for specific detail).

    Justification of text
    All text needs to be aligned to the left, not justified

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