HLTH7025 Healthcare Data For Decision Making Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- HLTH7025 Healthcare Data For Decision Making
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Please answer all 4 questions Record your answers in the template document provided and submit via Turnitin before 11:59 pm on the due date.The marks allocated to each question are shown in the assignment. A total of 30 marks are available and this assignment is worth 30% of your over all grade. All analyses should be conducted using Microsoft excel.
HLTH7025 Healthcare Data For Decision Making Assignment

HLTH7025 Healthcare Data For Decision Making Assignment

Copying answers from other students, sharing answers with other students, and writing answers in a group are all forms of cheating. Any student doing any of these will be reported for academic misconduct.

Question 1:-
A new drug is proposed to lower total cholesterol for pregnant women, and a study was conducted to examine the efficacy of the new drug in lowering cholesterol. 15 pregnant women participated in the study and each was asked to take the new drug for 6 weeks. At the start of the study each pregnant women’s cholesterol level was measured and, after taking the new drug for 6 weeks, as shown in the data below.

a) Perform a distribution-free test on these data and write a summary of what the result show

b) State briefly why you think a distribution-free test was chosen to analyse these data

Question 2 :-
1319 participants aged 55-85 years from the Hunter Community Study (HCS) were questioned on the prevalence of severe cold symptoms at the age of 55 and again at the age of 58 years. At age 55, 356 (27%) participants were reported to have severe colds in the past 12 months compared to 468 (35.5%) at age 58.

a) Draw a 2 by 2 table
b) Is there any evidence of a difference in the effect?
c) Write a summary of what the results show.

Question 3 :-
A case-control study was undertaken by Ward et al. 2002 to investigate the association between Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) and previous surgery. A group of 322 patients with CJD and a group of 325 patients without CJD were asked whether they had undergone any surgery in the past year. Of the patients with CJD 260 had undergone surgery in the past years compared with 230 patients without CJD.

HLTH7025 Healthcare Data For Decision Making Assignment

a) Draw a 2 by 2 table
b) Analyse these data and write a summary report concluding your findings
c) Comment briefly on why the measure of effect you chose is appropriate for the study.

Question 4 :-
An experiment was conducted to determine whether a test designed to identify a certain form of mental illness could be easily interpreted with little psychological training. The test was given to 100 participants (half had mental health symptoms and half did not have mental health symptoms and fifteen judges were asked to evaluate them. The fifteen judges were five staff members of a mental hospital five trainees at the hospital and five undergraduate psychology majors. The judgements are shown in the table below.

a) Is the data normally distributed? Provide reasons for your answer
b) Determine if the three groups judgements are the same? Hence write a summary of what the results show.

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