Subject Code & Title :- HLTENN011 Implement And Monitor Care For A Person With Acute Health Conditions
Assessment Type :- CASE STUDY Assignment
Conditions of Assessment :-
1. The student will have access to the relevant learning resources listed under the learning resource of this document, for this assessment.
2. Assessment task may be completed at student’s own time.
3. Responses to the questions must be typed.


Student Instructions for completion :-
1.This task requires you to complete a case study. You must answer all questions correctly to complete this assessment with the satisfactory result and you may utilise the relevant learning resources related to this assessment.
2. The questions with in this assessment relate directly to the integrated knowledge contained within the unit of competencies and are fundamental to the student’s knowledge and performance evidence. Use of correct grammar and spelling is required to demonstrate foundation skills, so please ensure to proofread your answers prior to submission.
3. You may have up to three (3) attempts to be deemed Satisfactory outcome with this assessment.
4. Failure to receive the Satisfactory outcome after the three (3) attempts the result for the unit will be deemed Not Yet Satisfactory and you must re-enroll and repeat the unit to be eligible to be assessed again.
5. APA referencing must be used where original sources have been used. Do not copy and paste text from any of the online sources. SCEI has a strict plagiarism policy and students who are found guilty of plagiarism, will be penalised.
6. The written assessment standards (8.2) outlined in the PP77 Assessment policy and procedure apply to this assessment task.

Explanation of the common command words used in the Assessment Task :-

1. List/identify/state/give = present in brief form
2. Outline= give the main facts about something, more than naming, but not a
3. detailed description
4. Describe = Give full details of characteristics and/or features, more needed
5. than an outline or than a list
6. Explain/Discuss = Give reasonable argument to discuss cause and effect
7. and/or make links between things clear in your own words
8. Analyse = Identify parts the relationship between them and their relationships with the whole. Draw out and relate implications
9. Demonstrate = Present, show or illustrate through example or action

Assessment Procedure :-
I. You will be provided with a briefing on the assessment and the opportunity to seek clarification on the conduct of the assessment.
II. You may seek clarification at any point in time during the assessment task If you feel you need more time to complete the assessment you must negotiate the time needed with the assessor prior to the assessment due date.
III.Following the assessment your responses are to be assessed and marked as appropriate Where responses have been assessed in one (1) or more questions as unsatisfactory students will be required to resubmit these questions For more information detailed information can be found in PP77 Assessment Policy and Procedure

Student Instructions
Read the following scenario carefully and answer the questions as follows.
Scenario :-
Mrs Bennett is a 76-year-old obese patient who is admitted for repair of fractured Neck of femur fractures (NOF). She is booked in for an open reduction and is due to go to the theatre in one-hour time.
Mrs Bennett has a medical history of Type 1 diabetes You are the Enrolled Nurse caring for Mrs Bennett in the surgical ward.

1. Identify five (5) interventions you need to perform specifically as part of the pre operative nursing management for Mrs Bennett that take into account the potential postoperative complications she may experience due to her health condition of Type 1 diabetes, obesity and age.

Mrs Bennett has an uneventful operation and recovery in PACU. She returns to your ward.

2. List ten (10) observations assessments information you would undertake or discuss with the PACU nursing staff on Mrs Bennett’s return to the ward exclude vital signs

Post-operative orders/presentation:
Observations 8/24 IVT, PCA (Morphine 1mg per ml), 4/24 BSL’s, IDC on hourly burette measures, Bellovac x 2 on free drainage, IVABs, check XR and Haemoglobin (Hb) in am, SCUDS and Charnley pillow insitu. She also has a wound site and 2 drainage site dressings, dry and intact.

3. Identify the regime for general post-operative vital signs of Mrs Bennett to ensure you meet the post operative orders/presentation listed above.

4. List ten (10) post-anaesthetic observations that would be required for Mrs Bennett’s management other than vital signs. Describe how the gathered information needs to be documented and reported.

After settling Mrs Bennett into her room, on the second set of observations she starts complaining of severe pain at the wound site. You assess Mrs Bennett’s pain level and the rate is 7.

Mrs Bennett is very anxious and concerned about her health You report and discuss the concern with the RN and she requires you to explain the effects of the health problems to Mrs Bennett and her family.

5. Provide a response to the following:

a. Identify and give a rationale for there (3) major adverse effects of untreated pain on Mrs Bennett’s recovery and daily living activities that you would explain to her and her family.
b. State the two (2) ways in which you can confirm the accuracy of adverse effects that you identified above with Mrs Bennett and her family.

6. Care of a person in the acute care environment is a holistic approach. In addition to providing treatments for recovery from diseases psychological support benefits patients health. Consider this statement and provide a response to the following.

a. Identify four (4) signs that you can observe to identify the psychological impacts of pain on Mrs Bennett.
b. List at least three (3) psychological support you can provide to Mrs Bennett.

With her pain un relieved Mrs Bennett starts to become angry and verbally abusive When you answer her call bell you find she has pulled out her IDC and is trying to climb out of her bed.

7.What are the priorities of nursing interventions in this situation to ensure Mrs Bennett’s safety? Provide five (5) examples.



With her pain un relieved Mrs Bennett starts to become angry and verbally abusive When you answer her call bell you find she has pulled out her IDC and is trying to climb out of her bed.

8. With her pain unrelieved Mrs Bennett starts to become angry and verbally abusive When you answer her call bell you find she has pulled out her IDC and is trying to climb out of her bed.

In the fourth hour post op, you notice that Mrs Bennett’s respiratory rate has decreased to 8/min and her oxygen saturation has dropped to 89%. You report this complication to the RN and medical team and discuss the potential pathophysiological changes and nursing interventions with them.

9.Identify the pathophysiologic changes behind this complication?

10.Identify six (6) nursing interventions you would perform in this situation.

Two days later Mrs Bennett complains of pain in her right chest on inspiration and shortness of breath.

11. Identify the post-operative complication that Mrs Bennett may be experiencing and give a rationale for your answer taking Mrs Bennett’s medical history into account.

12. What are five (5) nursing interventions that you should perform to treat this identified post-operative complication?

13. Identify four (4) preventive measures that you can educate Mrs Bennett and her family to reduce the risks associated with this identified post-operative complication.


After you come back from your dinner break, you enter Mrs Bennett’s room to find her un responsive. You identify and report this emergence situation immediately to the RN and emergency response team & provide a first aid according to the requests from the team.

14.What equipment may be brought to the bedside to assist in Mrs Bennett’s care? Provide at least three 3 examples.

15. Name two (2) first line drugs found on the resuscitation trolley and their normal doses and route of administration.

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