HC1052 Organisational Behaviour Assignment 

Trimester :- T2 2022 MidTerm
Unit Code :- HC1052
Unit Title :- Organisational Behaviour
Assessment Type :- Individual assessment
Weight :- 20 % of the total assessments
Word limit :- 1500 words
Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping) :-
Learning Outcomes: To comprehend the theoretical foundations of management and integrate diverse OB theory and practices in critical analysis of problem situation and communicate those ideas in a clear and co herent manner and to apply problem solving and critical thinking abilities by identifying and analysing the choices available for developing alternative organizational behaviour approaches in the workplace.
HC1052 Organisational Behaviour Assignment 

HC1052 Organisational Behaviour Assignment 

Essay Topic/Scenario :-
Imagine that you are a production manager in a pasta making factory located near CBD of one of the largest cities in Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane and Gold Coast. You also know that there are many similar factories making pasta in your city making it a competitive business. You recognise that providing high quality variety of pasta flavours friendly service and having actively engaged employees is going to make the difference between your factory’s success and failure. Your management team decides to first address organisational citizenship and employee engagement as drivers of high-quality customer service.

Task Requirements :-
First think about what your factory can do to enhance the engagement and citizenship behaviours of your employees. Your management team next decides that it will be important to minimise dysfunctional employee behaviours if the pasta factory is to succeed.

Second identify some dysfunctional behaviours that should be minimised.

HC1052 Organisational Behaviour Assignment 

Third think about what your factory can do to minimise the occurrence of these destructive behaviours.

Fourth identify your top three suggestions/recommendations for the Pasta factory to succeed.

Provide Evidence to Support your Responses
So far you have written your responses about what you have read and learnt. The next step is to find a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed academic articles from Google Scholar and ProQuest research database which provide evidence/support the main ideas you have determined from your reading.

Note : students who cite relevant peer-reviewed academic articles in the Adaptive Harvard Referencing requirements may achieve higher marks than those who do not cite relevant materials in the required referencing requirements. If you’re in doubt about what is a peer-reviewed academic article please ask your tutor in the interactive tutorial sessions or the unit coordinator in the drop-in sessions.

Write your Response/Comprehension
1. Write an introduction (describe the purpose of the essay and the main points you will be covering).
2. Compose 3-4 body paragraphs (minimum 300 words each).
3. Write a conclusion.
4. The document must be typed in MS Word using an appropriate font (e.g. Times New Roman Helvetica Cambria or Arial (size 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing and left aligned).

HC1052 Organisational Behaviour Assignment 

HC1052 Organisational Behaviour Assignment 

What goes in an introduction?
This paragraph introduces the purpose of your analytical essay. With in the introductory paragraph you will need to introduce the topic of your essay and highlight the key topics you will address in sub sequent paragraphs of this essay.

How do I write body paragraphs?
Each paragraph has one main point or topic. A good paragraph needs a clear topic sentence to state the purpose of this paragraph. Then you will write 3-4 statements elaborating on that point using citations in-text references to attribute ideas to journal articles you read. Your analysis should demonstrate critical thinking based on research not just your opinion. Please paraphrase your ideas from journal articles rather than using quotations.

What goes in a conclusion?
The conclusion is not a restatement of the introduction Instead it must briefly summarise the key points in the body paragraphs and leave the reader with a clear message(s).

What about references?
Your list of references do not count towards word limit, but in-text citations do. The referencing format for both the in-text referencing and reference list is the Adapted Harvard Referencing style. Please see the Adapted Harvard referencing style on p. 7 and ProQuest login in the additional resources folder in Black board.

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