HAS108 Health Assessment

Subject Code and Title :- HAS108 Health Assessment
Assessment :- Role Play Digital Presentation
Individual/Group :- Pairs
Length :- 10 minutes (+/- 10%)
Weighting :- 40%
Assessment Task :-
This assessment tests knowledge in creating therapeutic environments and relationships with patients and collecting information to meet the initial needs of a patient health assessment. In allocated pairs the student will record a scripted 10-minute video presentation that involves an interview scenario between the nurse and patient. Please refer to the task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.
HAS108 Health Assessment

HAS108 Health Assessment

Context :-
This assessment enables you to build self-awareness and demonstrate the health assessment interview as the first step to conducting a record of the patient’s status and progression. The assessment requires you to establish and conduct a therapeutic relationship scenario exchange between nurse and patient for a digital presentation.

Learning Outcomes :-

The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

a) Establish a suitable environment for conducting a physical assessment ensuring cultural safety informed consent, and privacy and workplace health and safety principles.
b) Identify and demonstrate interview techniques used to enhance communication during history taking
c) Discuss ways to incorporate health teaching as part of the health assessment
d) Perform a thorough and accurate holistic health assessment

Instructions :-

Digital Recording:
• Record a 10-minute video presentation using a pre-scripted nurse/patient scenario.
• Act out the script of the scenario, remembering that this assessment requires skills including non-verbal communication and knowledge to be demonstrated in the recording as it is played out.

Student will be assessed on the following:
Choose one person in the student pair to play the role of the nurse and the other to be the patient in the recorded role play. In the event there is a greater number of students in a group adapt the role play to include a role for each member to be presented in the scenario (e.g. patient has a friend relative that attends the interview).

Remember to use a Role Play Script that includes:
o Creating a therapeutic dialogue with the patient:
Therapeutic dialogue has been established between the interviewer Nurse and the interviewee patient/client. Develop communication styles to maximise truthful and comprehensive dialogue between both parties.
o Scrutinise objective and subjective data:
Evidence of the analysis of objective and subjective data demonstrated in the recorded role play.
o Establish a suitable environment to conduct the discussion and physical assessment: A safe and respectful environment to be inclusive of diversities revealed in the role play recording.
o Analytical use of the nursing process:
Demonstration that the Clinical Reasoning Cycle has been utilised throughout this process.
o Legislation and policy to uphold throughout the interview process i.e. cultural safety and informed consent and the act of being discretionary as you collect this data from the patient:
All relevant legislation and policy have been addressed in the video recording.

HAS108 Health Assessment

HAS108 Health Assessment

Creating your video presentation:
• Create a short video presentation (Length: 10 minutes)
• Be specific and clear as you will be assessed on originality and authenticity.
• Your presentation must be in a video format (mp4, MOV, etc.) for uploading into Grade Centre

Team Work
• Student pair participation will constitute the final 20% of the mark for Assessment 1 for the student pair.
• Team participation will be determined as follows:
o Each student in the pair will evaluate the other member’s contribution using a participation score matrix (see Team Participation Score Matrix)
o Each student is to assess their peers according to the Peer Evaluation Grading Scheme.
o The score matrix will be individually submitted to the Facilitator at the same time as the student pair digital presentation submission.
o The Facilitator will use the average “team participation score” for both members to determine the weighted ‘Teamwork’ criterion row in the final marking rubric for this assessment (see below).
o All peer evaluations are confidential.
o Failure to submit a peer review correctly, or at all, will result is zero grading for this assessment criteria.

Team Work Recommendations:
When working in groups here are some important tips that may help:
• Be clear about the objectives of the work for both students to complete.
• Identify roles that may include, researcher, proof reader.
• Work in a collaborative, open and constructive manner.
• Provide and receive constructive feedback in a professional manner.
• Allocate roles, tasks and establish clear and reasonable timelines.
• Allow for contingencies and issues that may arise.
• Be respectful and understand there may be times when work, family or other commitments
could mean team members are not all available at the same time.

HAS108 Health Assessment

Throughout the teaching period the Learning Facilitator will ask for feedback about the state of health of the student pair. For example this may include issues such as:

• How is the student pair functioning?
• Dealing with conflicts.
• Group members who have gone missing or do not participate.
• Managing timelines.
• Different communication styles.

The Learning Facilitator will support students by providing advice and guidance so each group can collaborate positively to achieve their objectives.

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