GDECE102 Essay Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- GDECE102 Essay
Assessment Type :- Assignment 2
Weighting/Value :- 50%
Word Count :- 2000 words
Design appropriate learning and teaching strategies for young children with additional needs in early childhood.
GDECE102 Essay Assignment

GDECE102 Essay Assignment

Details of task :-
First you need to select A child with an additional need (e.g., language development or socio emotional development or physical development or cognitive development and design appropriate learning and teaching strategies for this child. Provide a rationale that justifies and/or compares your selected strategies with contrasting theoretical perspectives also discuss this in relation to your own and/or professional experience.

You must address the following criteria:
Introduction :- Relevant background information for this essay and presents your main point. (5 points) It should begin by providing your reader a general under standing of the overall topic.The middle of the introduction should narrow down the topic, so your reader understands the relevance of the topic and what you plan to accomplish in your paper.

• The child’s information including what development areas need to support for the child. (10 points) This section you need to describe the context of the child such as age focus age is 0-3 years old family situation medical condition early childhood setting learning abilities broad cultural values laws and customs and how these affect the child’s development. (Thinking about the ecological system theory)

GDECE102 Essay Assignment

• Discuss the development of the child with additional needs (e.g., language development socio emotional development physical development cognitive development. Children with additional needs may involve children with disabilities developmental disabilities learning disabilities physical disabilities and children from diverse cultural and linguistic back grounds. Refer to relevant literature.

You need to focus on discussing the developmental areas that relate to the child and narrow them down to only one develop mental area and critically analyse your under standing about this area and how it affects this child’s learning and development. The relevant literatures need to support your understanding and also extend your knowledge of this developmental area. (Please DO NOT ONLY write down the definition of the development areas you need to focus on your under standing and how the literatures support your under standing).

• Discuss at least 2 strategies to support the learning and development of the child with additional needs at home and Early Childhood settings. Refer to relevant literature. (20 points) This section you will describe in detail about the strategies that you have chosen for the child, and how these strategies could implement in early childhood setting and home environment. Also you need to discuss what the literature states about the strategies. Please DO NOT talk about the reason for selecting these strategies as you will discuss the reason at next section).

GDECE102 Essay Assignment

• Provide rationale to support your selected strategies with theoretical perspective(s) also discuss this in relation to your own and/or professional experience. Refer to relevant literature. (25 points) Here you need to discuss about the reason. Why and how these strategies will support the child’s learning and development. What the theoretical perspective(s) or evidence(s) supports your selection and understanding about the strategies. What personal or professional experience could further demonstrate your selection and under standing of the strategies. Please DO NOT ONLY talk about the theories or literature you need to discuss the theoretical perspectives behind your strategies and your understanding of the strategies.

• Conclusion. (5 points) (Your conclusion should give a sense of closure and completion to your argument, but also show what new questions or possibilities it has opened up.)

• Academic English expression and referencing – APA style.

• Sentence Structure Grammar & Spelling

• Minimum 7 academic scholarly references (e.g., published journal articles books book chapters government websites).

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