Evaluation of Practice Assessment 

Unit Title :- Evaluation of Practice
Assignment Type :- Assessment 3
Title: Self-monitoring using of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device for people with Diabetes Mellitus (DM).
Task 1 :- Identification of a specific area of practice with uncertainty in the provision of care.
This paper aims primarily to determine/identify an appropriate use and application of technology to aid in improving glycaemic control in diabetes mellitus patients (DM). The secondary purpose is to determine the correct application of CGM devices can contribute to improving glucose control of adult patients with DM resulting from poorly controlled DM attending tertiary hospital-based outpatient clinics.
Evaluation of Practice Assessment 

Evaluation of Practice Assessment 

Background :-

Task 2: Identifying the Research question:
a) The following research question modelled using the PICO format has proven to be of substantial significance especially concerning an area of practice which lacks education on correct technique of sensor application: Do patients with Type 2 DM have better control in their symptoms after receiving education on correct insertion of continues monitoring device?

PICO is an acronym that stands for population (P) intervention (I) comparison (C) outcome (O) and time (T). The PICO method contributes to the development of clear questions and also acts as a guide in the literature review which enhances the research process

Evaluation of Practice Assessment 

P – Population: Adult Patients with DM
I – Intervention: Individualized or group education by trained health professionals on the correct application of sensor device.
C – Comparison: DM Type 2 patients without education versus a patient with education on sensor application.
O – Improved symptoms and glycaemic control of DM.

b) Databases and critical terms for literature search

Task 3: Comparison of findings. (Needs to attach the article)

Evaluation of Practice Assessment 

Task 4: Discuss barriers to evidence based practice (EBP) that may exist in your specific clinical setting and how these barriers maybe overcome and or strategies that promote EBP within your practice setting.

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