Essay Older Person Achieve Optimal Health And Wellbeing 

Aim :-
The purpose of this essay is to support your development in the knowledge attitudes and skills needed to assist the older person to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Essay Older Person Achieve Optimal Health And Wellbeing 

Essay Older Person Achieve Optimal Health And Wellbeing 

Instructions :-
1.First you will need to read the scenario provided below in Table One.

2. Create a new word document with the following headings found in Essay
Template provided below): introduction Concepts of healthy ageing, The role of the registered nurse (RN) in relation to the case scenario, Concepts of grief- loss and palliative care considerations Conclusion Reference list. These will guide your thinking as you create your essay.

Table One: Scenario: Mrs Doris Wvyern

As the community nurse you are conducting a home visit to assess Mrs Doris Wvyern.

Mrs Doris Wvyern is a 68-year-old retired office worker and a former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) she lives with her husband Maximus who is aged 69. Maximus prefers to be called Max and Mrs Wvyern prefers to be called Doris. They have a daughter Julienne who lives interstate and a son (Piper) who lives locally. Recently Doris received a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia. Currently Doris depends on Max to provide care for her due to her increasing health problems; she has had progressive weight lost and six un planned hospital admissions in the past year. She has become increasing immobile and Max reports she will often stay either in bed or on the lounge for more than half of the day. Doris’s previous medical history is atypical for an older person, she has chronic and complex health care conditions. This includes a positive result for COVID-19 a year ago which resulted in hospitalisation for 3 weeks due to pneumonia hypertension (diagnosed seven years ago) osteoarthritis and stage four cancer (with a terminal diagnosis). She had a left breast mastectomy 2 years ago. She also has a severe hearing loss due to Otosclerosis and has type 2 diabetes mellitus (diagnosed fifteen years ago). Doris’s General Practitioner (GP) has prescribed her to take Paracetamol 1g when required, Metformin 500mg twice daily and Metoprolol 25mg twice daily. Max is anxious regarding this new profound loss after being married for 50 years and is asking for more support options for them both. He works full time as a train driver in the city and does shift work. They have a little fluffy dog ‘Moonstar’ and live in a three bed room two-story terrace house. There is an outdoor veranda with a patio courtyard. The paving is in poor repair and the garden is over grown. Similarly when Doris shows you around, the house could do with some maintenance it requires a clean and the laundry area has several loads of un washed clothes. Doris does not drive and relies on either public transport or Max to drive her to any medical appointments.

On general appearance, Doris moves slowly, she appears to be in pain, and is very thin. When you watch her drinking a glass of water you observe she has difficulty in swallowing the water runs out of her mouth, and she coughs a lot. She does not talk or engage much but on gentle questioning quietly admits to feeling ‘a bit confused at times mainly in the after noon but other wise she feels in good health. Max reports when he is at work he cooks a meal for her and leaves it in the fridge for her to have. Recently, he comes home and finds she has not eaten it.

Despite her new diagnosis of dementia, Doris intends to remain at home. Both her and Max would like to know what support options are available for this to occur. Max also would like to have a plan for ‘what happens in the future’ in case he is no longer able to care for Doris.

Essay Template
This essay must include the following headings

Introduce the client and provide a brief overview of the situation. Provide an outline of the purpose and structure of the essay.

Essay Older Person Achieve Optimal Health And Wellbeing 

Essay Older Person Achieve Optimal Health And Wellbeing 

Concepts of healthy ageing
Identify and provide a brief description of what options are available for healthy and active ageing for the older person living with dementia in the home and community. Describe the factors which influence or support the ability for an older person with dementia to age well in contemporary society.

The role of the RN in relation to the case scenario
Explore the role of the RN in supporting a healthy ageing approach to provide care for the older person living with dementia across home and community contexts. Explain how the RN role for supporting a healthy ageing approach may also be extended into hospital and aged care settings.

Concepts of grief loss and palliative care considerations
Describe the concepts of grief and loss based on the scenario provided. Explain the impacts of bereavement and outline the palliative care options available.

Strategies for safety and wellbeing
Describe strategies the RN can undertake to promote safety and well-being of the older persons in the provided scenario. In your response explain how these strategies will comply with relevant legislation, standards and policies.


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