Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

Unit Title :- Environmental Regulations Science
Assessment Type :- Assignment
1.Environmental regulations
Each Australian state and territory has its own laws relating to the protection of the environment and the release of pollutants by manufacturing businesses.
Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

New South Wales (NSW)
1. The Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 is administered by the NSW Department of the Environment, Climate Change and Water.
2.The Act carries penalties for individuals and companies that release pollutants in the environment including air, noise, water and land pollution that are not covered by the terms of licence.
3. You have a duty to report any pollution incident where harm (actual or potential) to the environment is caused or threatened.
4. Penalties can be up to $250,000 for an individual and $1 million for a company or up to $5 million and up to seven years gaol if the offence was wilful or negligent.
5. You can search for ‘Protection of the Environment Operations Act’ or go to for an overview.

a. From the “Fact Sheet on formaldehyde”, what is its effect on the environment? (see the Resource material section in the Moodle)

Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

b. From the “Labs Green Chemical Fact Sheet”, what is formaldehyde used for in laboratories? What would be an alternative environmentally preferable laboratory product for formaldehyde?

Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

c. In your own words briefly explain the purpose of the “Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011”.

2.Identifying a Practice in the Laboratory for Improvement
a. From your laboratory experience so far gained in your studies, identify one practice which could be improved in terms of sustainability. Describe the practice and how you see it could be improved. Think about what you have seen or done in the laboratory but do not use the examples so far mentioned above in parts 1, 2 and 3.
Alternatively for Food Science and technology students: from your understanding of food businesses describe one practice and suggest improvements to the practice which could be made to reduce its environ mental impact.

Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 


How it can be improved to reduce environmental impact:

3.Water Usage
a. Laboratory ABC uses a distillation apparatus (Figure 1) for an analysis which requires water to run through a cooling condenser. If the water runs out at 100 mL/minute, calculate the water usage (L) for an 8 hour day.

Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

Distillation is a common method for separating mixtures based on differences in their boiling points.
To separate a mixture of liquids the mix can be heated to different temperatures which will cause some components to boil while others have not reached their boiling point. The component which has gone into the gas phase gas is then condensed back into liquid form in a different part of the apparat us and collected. Cooling water is needed to cool and condense the gas.


b. Suggest a way of improving the distillation method setup to make the water use more sustainable (the cooling water currently runs through one set of apparatus then goes down the drain) while still maintaining Good Laboratory Practice and following quality assurance systems.

Fractional distillation

Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

c.The amount of water wasted at Laboratory ABC was estimated to be 4 ML/year. A target of 80% reduction in the water wasted was set. How much water (ML) would be saved if the target is met? (ML means megalitres)

Environmental Regulations Science Assignment 

Design a poster that could be displayed on the wall to encourage laboratory staff at Laboratory ABC to report water leaks promptly.
a. OR
b. Prepare a 1 page Fact Sheet on the importance of minimising water wastage in the laboratory.

e. How would you monitor compliance with the requirement to turn lights off for the one hour lunch break at Laboratory ABC? (ie how could you check that the lights are being turned off at lunch times and see how much power is being saved)?

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