EML302 Investigation-Literacy Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- EML302 – Investigation: Literacy
Assignment Title :- Oral Language Analysis and Newsletter
Value :- 50%
Actual Word Count (report and newsletter only): Please document your actual word count.
The limit is 1800 words (including the newsletter, and excluding transcriptions the title page headings and the reference list).
Statement of Authenticity: I declare that the work within this assignment is my own that it has not been submitted previously and that I acknowledge the ideas of other authors within the paper.
EML302 Investigation-Literacy Assignment

EML302 Investigation-Literacy Assignment

Contextual Information :-
Begin the report with some background information regarding your focus child (age, language spoken at home etc.) that is relevant to this child’s oral language development and a brief context for each of the language samples included in this assessment Child’s background (related to oral language development) [Please use pseudonyms] Context of the language samples (A brief description)

Language Analysis :-
Using the transcriptions analyse the child’s language and your contributions to the exchange as an educator. In your analysis refer to elements of your transcription to provide examples and make clear links to readings. Use the following headings to structure your analysis

EML302 Investigation-Literacy Assignment

Development of oral language – This section should refer to developmental milestones the components of spoken language and EYLF Outcome 5.

Functions for which the child is using language – This section should refer to the functions of language as proposed by either Halliday or Tough; and the concept of a language register by comparing the language used within each conversational context.

Critique of adult participation in the language exchange – This section should refer to specific techniques adopted by the educator that may have enhanced or impeded the child’s use of language.

EML302 Investigation-Literacy Assignment

Conclusion :-
The importance of parent-educator partnerships
Drawing on EYLF Principle 2: Partnerships, conclude your report with a discussion on the importance of early childhood educator- family partnerships in relation to children’s oral language development

Newsletter :-
Oral language development
Drawing on what you know about the importance of the home environment for enhancing children’s oral language development, design an A4 sized (single page, 200 word [at most]) newsletter you can give to parents informing them of how they can encourage their child’s oral language development. Be sure to include some practical ideas on how parents can facilitate this.

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