EDME369 Primary Mathematics Assignment – US

Subject Code :- EDME369
Title :- Primary Mathematics
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Weighting: 50%
Length: 2000
Learning Outcomes: ULO1, ULO2, ULO4, ULO5
Must Complete: Yes
Format: Submit in PDF or Word document format
Written task Programming and research report with a component on probability statistics focus
statistical literacy. Relates to GTSD: 1.5.1, 2.1.1, 2.2.1, 3.4.1, 5.3.1, 5.4.1. No. Words: 2000.
EDME369 Primary Mathematics Assignment – US

EDME369 Primary Mathematics Assignment - US

Assignment 1

About the Assignment
In this assignment you will demonstrate your capability to plan and teach the topic DATA1 (Year 5) or DATA 2 Year 6 in the NSW syllabus. Please choose either DATA1 (Year 5) or DATA 2 (Year 6) to focus on. You should not try to do both.

This assignment consists of three parts.
· In Part A you will demonstrate your theoretical knowledge of the mathematics involved in DATA 1 or DATA 2.
· In Part B you will demonstrate your ability to carry out a statistical investigation of your own
· In Part C you will demonstrate your ability to plan for teaching DATA1 or DATA2. You do not write a lesson plan Rather you demonstrate the ways in which you think about the teaching.

Assignment Instructions :-
Part A :
Demonstrate your theoretical knowledge of the mathematics involved in DATA 1 or DATA 2: what will you be teaching?

In accordance with the NSW Mathematics Syllabus K–10 Syllabus describe the content about data Statistics from the statistics and prob ability content strand that you will be teaching to your Year 5 OR Year 6 class.

EDME369 Primary Mathematics Assignment – US

Part B: Demonstrate your ability to carry out a statistical investigation of your own

For this part of the task you must follow the steps below:

1.Choose a Research Question
Choose a research question appropriate for your chosen Year level and explain how you formulated your research question.

Discuss whether the research investigation investigates an interesting research question for students at your chosen year level or for the Principal or other staff members of a school. Why did you choose this research question to use with your students? Why is this question important to be answered? Why will this question appeal to your students?

2.Data collection
Use appropriate methods to collect primary data. This could be from your own students if you have that opportunity or if you cannot do that using your friends or classmates. You should have a sample size of 50 and between 3 and 6 categories of data you ask 50 people and give them 3 – 6 categories from which to choose.

why the collected data are appropriate for answering the research question.
justify your sample and methods for collecting data;

For the rest of this task, you will work with this data set.

3.Data representation
Present the raw data in a table.
Produce a tally/frequency table using this data.
Produce at least two different graphs that are appropriate for displaying and summarising the data.
Explain why this analysis is appropriate for the type of data collected.
Remember to title the graph label of the horizontal and vertical axes title the data represented in the data display indicate the scale of many-to-one correspondence that you used, and the use of scale to label the markers.

EDME369 Primary Mathematics Assignment – US

EDME369 Primary Mathematics Assignment - US

4.Data Analysis
As a minimum this section should include responses to the questions below
1.What do you see on your data displays?

2.What can you interpret when you compare the different categories of data?

3.How does the context of the data collection affect the analysis of the data.

Use the language of probabilities and chance to answer questions A. and B.
A. What are your conclusions?
B. Are they supported by the data collected?
C. How well is the research question answered?
D. Are there any limitations or improvements for future studies?

Part C: Plan for teaching
In this part of the assignment, you will use the investigation you did in Part 2 to identify key pedagogical insights involved in teaching students how to carry out a statistical investigation. This is not a lesson plan. What you are producing here is an outline of your approach to teaching.

Through out this section you should justify your responses to by referring to activities or ideas from the weekly tutorials as appropriate.

Steps 1 and 2: Question and Data Collection:
What process will you go through with your class in order to decide on an appropriate question? What pedagogical insights are important in making this decision? Having done the investigation, would you do it differently with your class? How?

Step 3: Data Representation
What data displays will use as part of your teaching? What pedagogical insights are important in making this decision?

EDME369 Primary Mathematics Assignment – US

Steps 4 and 5: Data Analysis and Conclusions
How will you approach discussing with your students whether and how well the research question has been answered? Here you need to be clear about the language you will use. What pedagogical insights are important in making this decision?

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