EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis Assignment 

Subject Code & Title :- EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis
Weighting :- 50 %
Assessment Task 1: Critical reflection and analysis
This assessment requires you to critically reflect on teaching students with disability with a focus on effective ways to support their learning through inclusive practice. You must support your reflection with recent academic research (i.e., peer reviewed journal articles or book chapters no more than 10 years old) and address issues of access and participation in learning. This will be achieved through engagement with relevant Australian legislation and policy frame works the perspectives of the focus student and relevant stakeholders, as well as other relevant professional sources which provide support for students with disability in inclusive settings.
EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis Assignment 

EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis Assignment 

Key focus points to include
1a) How does disability relate to Human Rights and Social Justice in the educational context?
Identify the educational rights of students with disability Include rights to educational access participation and inclusion and the implications of these right for teachers.

1b). How have Human Rights and Social Justice legislation informed the principles of inclusive schooling for students with diverse needs disability challenging behaviour and/or learning difficulties)?
Find two Government system educational sites/documents that refer to key principles of inclusive schooling in your state/territory school system. Select a key sentence from each policy and analyse both sentences in terms of implications for teaching your focus student.

2(a). What might be the different perspectives of the stakeholders involved in the inclusion of students with diverse needs? Find at least five professional websites, peer reviewed journal articles and professional resources that inform possible educational issues or challenges for your focus student. Draw up a MULTI VIEW Table to consider your focus student inclusion in mainstream educational settings.evaluate the different stake holders perspectives that is: the student their parents/carers their teacher their peers/classmates and the school Principal through focusing on two benefits and two concerns from their perspectives. (500 words 1 page using dot points).

EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis Assignment 

2(b). What do we learn from listening to the voices of students with diverse needs and those supporting students with diverse needs? Identify at least five professional sites or resources that are relevant to your focus student and draw up a MIND MAP to synthesise and analyse some of the issues learned through listening to the voices of those with diverse needs. Refer to the relevant site or resource where appropriate on your mind map with hyper links and/or references

3(a). What evidence-based academic sources exist to inform teachers? Find one peer-reviewed journal article, no more than 10 years old, that has relevance to the inclusion of your focus student. Revise the abstract so that it analyses the information to inform your work as an inclusive teacher of your focus student

3(b). What are your key understandings on inclusive practice and your future teaching context? Critically reflect on what have you learnt from looking at the multiple perspectives of inclusive practice including legislation and policies issues of access and participation stake holder views and teaching strategies that will inform your work as a future inclusive teacher. Use at least ten academic journal articles and professional sources to support your reflection

NOTE: Accept able sources for this task include peer reviewed academic journal articles no more than 10 years old Australian and International legislation and policies that address rights for people with disability or anti discrimination as well as access to inclusive education professional web based sources for example professional organisations such as Autism Australia Vision Australia Down Syndrome Australia and professional resources for example, Autism Australia sensory processing fact sheet,Vision Australia adaptive technology advice the down Syndrome app.

Weighting: 50%
Length and/or format: 2,000 words equivalent
Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
How to submit: Via the Turn-it-In submission link and drop box folder in the Assessment folder in the LEO site.
Return of assignment : Via LEO within 3 weeks of submission.
Assessment criteria: Refer to Appendix A for marking criteria.

Assessment Task 2 : Case study on differentiation
Plan successful inclusion strategies for one of the four students in the following hypothetical scenarios. This will include differentiated teaching learning and assessment planning and strategies for how to provide support for their participation and achievement in learning activities. In the report you should:

EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis Assignment 

EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis Assignment 

1. Describe the learner and their specific condition
2. Identify the Learner strengths and barriers to learning
3. Analyse the demographic and academic context
4. Identify relevant and contemporary Australian legislation that protects and supports the learner access participation,inclusion,and learning.
5. Plan for three smart learning outcome barriers to learning for the selected learner
6. design differentiated teaching strategies to support your learner needs and inclusion and ways to assess the student progress on achieving the smart outcome
7. Explain strategies for how you would work collaboratively across contexts with parents care givers and other education and medicals professionals
8.Identify on going professional learning that currently exists to support the engagement learning and success of students with disability in inclusive contexts
9.Reflect on the broader implications of disability inclusive learning,and the teachers responsibilities and duty of care to meet these needs.

Support your work with academic peer-reviewed research relevant to the Australian context using APA 7th edition referencing conventions

Hypothetical Scenarios

1. Addison is in Prep/Kindergarten at a suburban State School in a high socio economic area.
Addison does well at school and is a popular student. She lives across the road from the school with her parents who are both medical professionals and older brother who is in year 4. Addison enjoys sports and plays Blind Golf and practices several times a week at the local golf course with her sighted caddy. Addison has impaired vision due to ocular albinism. Both her visual acuity is impaired (6/60) and her visual field (10%). She also has nystagmus. Addison is legally blind, and her disability is verified for funding.

2.Alex is in year 3 at a State School in a small regional town Alex.
loves building machines from any thing he can put his hands on He is a friendly student and mostly enjoys school but can get over whelmed at times when he has difficulty communicating. Alex lives with his father and older sister who both work in the local real estate business Alex has Down Syndrome and as such an intellectual dis ability Alex receives collusion recycling of assignments and misrepresentation are not accept able. Penalties for academic mis conduct can vary in severity and can include being excluded from the course.

EDET300 Critical Reflection And Analysis Assignment 

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