ECTPP402A Philosophies Ideologies And Theories Of Education Assignment

Course :- Bachelor Of Early Childhood Degree (Birth -5)
Words :- 660 ONLY
The question is: Identify and critique the positive and negative impacts of PROGRESSIVISM MARXISM And REALISM on teaching approaches curriculum design and learning outcomes for the children.

ECTPP402A Philosophies, Ideologies And Theories Of Education Assignment

ECTPP402A Philosophies Ideologies And Theories Of Education Assignment

This report has high lighted various attributes required for building content in a curriculum for education in early childhood settings.This has been accomplished through discussions about certain methods and perceptions gained through theory. Followed by this there has been a segment regarding the action plan and certain recommendations.

The concept of early childhood is based on a number of models along with approaches According to Sis wan to et al. 2018 the ultimate purpose of aiding education to children is to train them for future circum stances. There fore every approach to teaching has to in corporate certain models such as the Montessori methods Froebelian approach and among others. This can help educators to create practices and understand the position of education for a specific group of learners.

This report high lights the action plan which will comprise the recommendations and notes of progress. Along with this there are discussions regarding the design of the service curriculum with references to certain models of education.

The curriculum currently followed by the Kinda-Mindi Early Learning Centre is produced in written form. This written form of the curriculum highlights the processes associated with learning along domains of progress and the areas of subjects. It has been mentioned by Sofyan & Anggereini (2019) that the components of the service’s curriculum should include elements that are going to enhance the abilities of the children linguistically as well as culturally. In addition to this there can also be seen a matter regarding the involvement of factors that are significant for the progress of children in the educational sphere. According to Dhiu and Laksana (2021), the service curriculum is developed in such a way that enables the learners to garner knowledge on a collaborative basis. This is done through the involvement of a plethora of cultures which will provide the window for each child to receive stimulus for learning. For example cultural windows are aided by the service’s emergent curriculum. This enables the learners to showcase their interests and makes them confident to involve correlation with their own culture while learning. Along with this the service curriculum has a place for exchanging creation feed back which will help contribute to wards further improvement.

ECTPP402A Philosophies Ideologies And Theories Of Education Assignment

The curriculum that will be developed for services should showcase the intentional knowledge of the educators and should provide the scope for bringing equitability and solidarity. Figure 1 shows the role of educator in this regard. Apart from this the curriculum should also comprise the tools for assessing the progress of children on a formative as well as summative basis. McCormick Smith & Chao (2018) opined that contexts which are larger than the realm of classrooms are required to be incorporated in every pedagogical realm. In addition to this there is also a requirement for fostering knowledge regarding justice.

Each of these elements are necessary to be met through predetermined objectives in a services curriculum. More over as mentioned by Cherry et al., (2019), problems regarding behaviour amongst children can arise if the objectives within the services curriculum are catered towards it. There fore such factors should also be given attention while building an objective curriculum.

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