Economic Issues And Economic Policies And Management Assignment

Subject Area :- Economics
Year :- 12
Topic :- Economic issues and economic policies and management (in Australia)
Task Type :- Media file
Weighting :- 25%
Task Number :- 3
Outcomes Assessed:
H1 demonstrates understanding of economic terms, concepts and relationships
H5 discusses policy options for dealing with problems and issues in contemporary and hypothetical contexts
H6 analyses the impact of economic policies in theoretical and contemporary Australian contexts
H7 evaluates the consequences of contemporary economic problems and issues on individuals firms and governments
H8 applies appropriate terminology, concepts and theories in contemporary and hypothetical economic contexts
H9 selects and organises information from a variety of sources for relevance and reliability
H10 communicates economic information ideas and issues in appropriate forms
H12 works independently and in groups to achieve appropriate goals in set timeframes
Economic Issues And Economic Policies And Management Assignment

Economic Issues And Economic Policies And Management Assignment

Description of the task:
Media file and Policy Analysis
Economic objectives:

  • Economic growth,
  • Full employment (unemployment),
  • Price stability (inflation),
  • External stability,
  • Distribution of income and wealth,
  • Environmental sustainability and the potential conflicts among objectives.

Submission :
Assignment is to be handed in via the google classroom by 5:00pm the due date. Font should be minimum 11 Font Calibri with normal spacing and margins.

Warning: Late assessments tasks must follow the Tempe High School Assessment Policy. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the Task/s is/are submitted by the due date and notify the teacher if there are any extenuating circumstances.

Task requirements :-
Media file
You are to analyse THREE government policies from the last 3 years relating THREE seperate economic issues and/or the related objectives.

For each policy you must provide a MAXIMUM two-page ANAYSIS

  • APA reference any research used to support your analysis including: author, date, title and
    source, date accessed and weblink
  • Identify the policy and its related economic issue and/or objective
  • Provide an overview of the policy
  • Discuss reasons for introduction of the policy
  • The expected impact of the policy on the economic issues and/objective
  • Arguments in favour of the policy
  • Arguments againt the policy
  • Evidence of impact or projections of impact
  • Discussion on how the issues raised in the article may create conflicts among other economic objects.
  • Evaluation of likely success/shortcoming of the policy

Economic Issues And Economic Policies And Management Assignment

Rubric :-
You will be marked on your ability to:
• Synthesise relevant economic terms, concepts, relationships and theories with current economic issues
• Provide comprehensive economic information in a sustained, logical and cohesive response
• Select and organise information from a variety of sources for relevance and reliability
• Demonstrate an understanding of economic objectives
• Clearly explain limitations of achieving economic objectives

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