CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity Assessment

Subject Code & Title :- CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity
Assignment Type :- Assessment”
Instructions :-
Imagine you work with children, families or communities or individuals who identify with a particular minority group or identity such as culturally and linguistically identified groups indigenous people and communities people with differing abilities families with diverse structures people who identify as GBLTI).
CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity Assessment

CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity Assessment

 This group or identity could be very specific like Ngoongar people of the Perth region or children with Autism Spectrum Condition or it could be more general such as Aboriginal people in Australia, or lesbian women or refugees living in Australia. If you are doing this assignment as an international student international-based you may choose to look at a minority group in the country in which you are living. If you are an Australian-based student you should look at a minority group in Australia).

Part A: Write an essay that explores the position of this community or group within contemporary Australia. To do so you should draw on the various value positions described in this unit and the history of this community within Australia. You should research widely outside the unit readings to demonstrate your ability to gain knowledge.

Some questions to help to frame your writing and research in part A:
 What are the issues or events of major significance in the history of this community or group in Australia?
 What policies or practices have informed the approach taken to this group in Australia?
 (How) have these policies or practices changed over time?
 What kinds of narratives or discourses have informed the ‘majority’ view on this group?
 What other kinds of narratives or discourses have existed?
 How has this group responded to/engaged with these narratives/discourses?
 How are the policies/practices/narratives you have identified related to the various value positions we have discussed in this unit? (There may be more than one operating at once)
 (How) has the dominance of these value positions changed? (ie is one now more prevalent than another?

CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity Assessment

Part B :-
Write up a case study where you demonstrate how you as a community worker/human services worker/child care worker/family support worker would adopt a practice of valuing diversity when working with an individual or group from the community or group you have discussed in part A.

How does your practice demonstrate a shift from excluding/ignoring/fixing to valuing diversity?
Although your case study can be imagined all information on service provision and value positions must be fully referenced.

In Part B:-
 You may invent your case study, or interview people working in the field to help you get a sense of a realistic case study
 Your case study should draw on researched material about service approaches you could take and how these would play out
 You should refer to quality practice for community services via the Community Workers Practice Guidelines in formulating your response.
 How does your example of service delivery work as a change from excluding fixing ignoring that this group has experienced historically to valuing?
 How would you plan your service provision? What model of service provision would you adopt? How?
 What are the actual practices that you would undertake with this group/individual? How does this reflect the valuing positon?
 What would the relationships of power between you and your client be like? How would this occur in a practical and policy sense?

CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity Assessment

CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity Assessment

Overview – writing your essay
 Your assignment should be an essay that includes an introduction, body and conclusion. You may use headings to separate out Parts A and B if you wish, but NO dot points.
 The questions above should guide your planning and research. Your essay should not be a series of answers to these questions but a coherent well argued well-planned essay.
 The total word count should be approx. 2000 words which should translate to about 1000 words per section.
 There is no set number of references you need and your paper will be judged on its use of references rather than the number of references. As a guide five references reasonably well used would probably get a pass mark. Fewer would be unlikely to show enough depth of research. Please research widely – don’t just draw on the texts listed in the unit plan.

CSV2108 Culture Equity And Diversity Assessment

 Please try to embed and explain your quotes, if you use them.This means introducing a quote and then explaining what it means afterwards. Here’s an example paragraph that demonstrates how to make the most of a quote:

Quotes can do so much work in a paragraph if they are well supported by the author and clearly explained. As Hopkins argues the quote needs to be well embedded in the text: It is of the utmost importance that the reader needs to be clear about why the quote is being used (Hopkins 2016, p2). Here Hopkins underscores the value of making sure the reader really understands the author’s intention in using the quote. In using the sentences after the quote to explain it in their own words, the author allows the reader to really get a sense of
what the author is trying to say.

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