CSI6199 Report On Contemporary Cyber Security Issues Assignment

Assignment :- Report on contemporary cyber security issues
As security professionals you may be required to analyse products to identify security issues and vulner abilities that may expose an organisation or asset to cyber attacks. In these scenarios, clients are generally trying to find ways of reducing their risks and vulnerabilities.As security professionals you will also be required to make recommendations Your recommendations need to be reasonable well explained and well justified.
CSI6199 Report On Contemporary Cyber Security Issues Assignment

CSI6199 Report On Contemporary Cyber Security Issues Assignment

Assignment Brief :-
Cryptography has evolved and become more secure in line with new vulnerabilities that are being discovered. For this assessment you are required to examine a security issue with in a legacy cryptographic algorithm. To complete this assessment you must address the following core requirements;

1. Identify a cryptographic algorithm that contains a known vulnerability or weakness.
2. Analyse and critique why the identified vulnerability or weakness resulted in the algorithm being deprecated.
3. Demonstrate what the security issue was and why it was of concern using an innovative communication strategy – beyond descriptive text. To achieve this outcome you may use graphical images data flow diagrams worked procedural examples, or screenshots from software that you took yourself.
4. Compare and contrast the “legacy” algorithm to modern alternatives that are still in use and considered secure. In achieving this outcome, you may wish to evaluate how a contemporary secure crypto graphic algorithm addresses the short comings of the legacy algorithm.

You may choose any cryptographic algorithm (i.e. confidentiality or integrity based).Assume that your target audience has minimal under standing of cyber security. As a result you must ensure that you communicate your report outcomes in a simplistic manner. Use analogies diagrams and data flow diagrams to communicate the prominent themes in a simplistic manner. You must make use of adequate in text references correctly aligned to a reference list through out your entire report.

a simplistic manner. Use analogies if it enables you to communicate the identified issue in a simplistic manner You must make use of adequate in-text references correctly aligned to a reference list throughout your entire report.


Always address the assignment instructions.

The keys to understanding the assignment instructions have been highlighted above.

For example (from the Assignment Brief):
1. This first task should convey to the reader what cryptographic algorithm you have selected is and why. This could be an algorithm used for achieving confidentiality or integrity. Keep your justification short but in formative.

2. Analyse and critique Analyse means to explore something methodically and in fine detail Describe and analyse are completely different Critique means to conduct a formal assessment of and draw substantiated opinions and conclusions.

3.Demonstrate what the security issue was and why it was of concern using an innovative communication strategy. Descriptive text is not an innovative communication strategy Consider the way in which marketing companies sell you product. Do they write about their product? Or do they use creative techniques to draw your attention to the product? Hence using diagrams or similar approaches enables you to convey your message in a unique and engaging method.

4. Compare and contrast the legacy algorithm to modern alternatives In other words how has/did a modern algorithm address the constraints of a legacy algorithm Consider the first ever car automobile that was invented and made available to consumers.

This early car encompassed many issues i.e. comfort safety performance reliability entertainment etc If you had to compare and contrast a car from 1880 to a car from 2020 there are many evident issues that have been addressed. When choosing your algorithm ensure you are comparing algorithms designed for similar purposes. In other words do not compare and contrast a horse with a car because although they are both forms of transportation

CSI6199 Report On Contemporary Cyber Security Issues Assignment

CSI6199 Report On Contemporary Cyber Security Issues Assignment

Assignment Example
The following are excerpts from an example vulnerability report and recommendations provided to client. The example provided does not cover analysis of True Crypt This is an example of writing style and analysis methods only.

For the purposes of demonstration only, SQL Injection vulnerabilities have been discussed.

SQL injection should not be a consideration for your analysis and recommendations for this assignment.

The purpose of this report is to clearly communicate to nontechnical readers the findings from your research in to threats and vulnerabilities posed by a SQL injection attacks.

The example given is to help understand the requirements of the assignment only The annotated example does NOT provide a perfect assignment merely a guide that can help students under stand what is expected as well what problems to look out for. As post graduate students it is up to you to perform the required assignment interpretation additional readings back ground research and analysis sufficient to formulate a successful assignment response.

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