Critical Reflection Assignment

Unit Title :- Critical Reflection
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Value :- 30%
Word Limit :- 2,000 words*
Task Description :- Critical reflection
Relevance :- This assessment task presents an opportunity for you to extend and integrate your under standing of leadership in nursing through critical reflection on the learning experiences that you have encountered during the semester. Your analysis also establishes a basis for considering professional practice implications.
Critical Reflection Assignment

Critical Reflection Assignment

Instruction :-
During your study of this unit you have engaged with a wide range of learning experiences including readings commentary discussion points module reflective activities assessment tasks, as well as practice and other experiences that relate to unit topics. These experiences serve as valuable stimuli for reflection.

It is recommended that you record your responses to these stimuli as you progress through the semester. A journal can be useful for this purpose. Your journal is not submitted for assessment.)

For this task you are required to submit four reflective written pieces using Gibbs cycle of reflection for each that reflect your learning of leadership during this semester.

Critical Reflection Assignment

You must include:
-a reflection on your leadership philosophy, that you began during Module 1.

-a reflection on how your leadership practice can address the following domain within the Code of Conduct for Nurses: Practise safely effectively and collaboratively Nusing and Midwifery Board of Australia,2018)

-two reflections on other experiences that you have encountered during this unit a module readings assessment or other leadership follower experience that emerged during the semester.

Your journal entries must demonstrate engagement with leadership and there is a requirements to use the academic leadership literature to support your reflections.

Each extract must include reflective analysis that demonstrates how your thinking or assumptions have been challenged what deeper insights you have gained and what questions have emerged from your reflections and how you will apply this thinking to future professional and leadership roles. It is essential that your analysis reflects engagement with the academic literature. Please refer to Module 6 to inform your under standing of this reflective task.

Critical Reflection Assignment

Critical Reflection Assignment

The following structure is recommended:
1.Introduction (200 words)
2.Reflective analysis (1600 words)
3.Conclusion (200 words)

Note that you will be assessed on the nature of your reflective writing the depth of your thinking and critical analysis drawing from relevant academic research of your learning experiences and knowledge as related to this unit of study. Your personal opinions and accounts of experiences are your own and will not be assessed.

Critical Reflection Assignment

Learning Outcomes :-
This task addresses the following learning outcomes:
 1.Critically reflect upon the role of the registered nurse as a leader in a health care team in varying health contexts.
2.Critically analyse concepts of management and leadership in nursing and health services.
3.Critically examine the role of the nurse leader in quality improvement and change management practices.
4.Investigate clinical risk management and the registered nurse’s leadership responsibilities for quality and safety in health care.

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