CPD115 Care of Persons With Diabetes Assignment

Subject Code and Title :- CPD 115 Care of persons with diabetes
Unit(s) of Competency :- HLTENN025 Implement and monitor care for a person with diabetes
Title of Assessment Task :- Case Study
Type of Assessment Task :- Case study with short answer questions
Length :- 6 questions word length as indicated per question.
Performance criteria Knowledge evidence and Performance assessed :-
PC: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.3, 3.5, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6.
PE: 1
KE: 3, 4, 5, 6.
CPD115 Care of Persons With Diabetes Assignment

CPD115 Care of Persons With Diabetes Assignment

Task Instructions :-
To complete the assessment, you must respond to a number of questions and develop a plan of care for the client on the response template provided. The questions are based on the case study below. These questions must be answered in full. When responding to the questions, please pay attention to the entire question being asked, as well as the prescribed word count if provided. Use the correct medical terminology when answering all questions.

You will be assessed on the responses to the questions and will be deemed as either satisfactory or not satisfactory.

ALL of the responses must be marked as satisfactory in order to pass the assessment If the assessment is not deemed satisfactory you will be allowed additional attempts as per the Assessment Policy for VET before being awarded a Non Satisfactory mark for the assessment and the subject.

Case Scenario:
You are an Enrolled Nurse employed in a Primary Health clinic. A regular client of the clinic Mr McFarlane who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 8 months ago, has presented to your clinic today with increasing deterioration in his diabetes.

The doctor has now prescribed insulin twice daily for Mr McFarlane and an increase in BGL monitoring to 4 times/ day to assist in lowering his blood glucose levels. You have been asked by the Registered Nurse of the clinic to assist Mr McFarlane and his wife with under standing and demonstrating how to include the doctor’s recommendations into their routine.

Review of Character Briefs:
Mr George McFarlane. Male, aged 53 years. Married for 5 years with 3 children.
Mr McFarlane’s background includes:
 Second marriage – first wife died of cancer 8 years previously
 Occupation – Long haul truck driver
 Earns good money
 Away from home a lot – not there to support family
 Overweight – 135kg
 Hypertension
 Uses watching television and beer to cope with stress
 Smoker
 Diet preferences are Australian. Often has a poor diet when on the road for work including fatty food from truck stops
 Has a 26-year old son from first marriage who has severe depression and uses illicit drugs visits on occasion (very disruptive when he does visit)
 Unknown social support and external interests
 Has osteoarthritis in (L) knee
 Reliant on wife, Yu Yang, to complete all domestic duties as he is not self-sufficient.

Mrs Yu Yang McFarlane is Mr McFarlane’s wife. She is 38 years old.
Mrs McFarlane’s background includes:
 Came to Australian as a university student
 Fell pregnant at the age of 19 – did not marry
 Married George 5 years ago
 Has 3-year old twins at home
 One twin has developmental disorder
 English language is good
 Was/Is isolated with no extended family
 Her issues will be those of isolated immigrant
 Prefers to cook Asian food
 Needed help with raising child and so she invited her Chinese mother to come to Australia to help out

Question 1
Discuss the educational requirements for Mr McFarlane and his wife now that Mr McFarlane is requiring insulin injections and more frequent BGL monitoring. Consider in your answer:
a. Review of BGL monitoring technique and requirements
b. Storage of insulins and equipment including safe disposal of used products.
c. How to safely administer subcutaneous insulin including rotation of sites
d. Review of possible complications including hypo/ hyperglycaemia
e. How would you ensure Mr McFarlane has understood your teaching?

Question 2
Discuss possible self-esteem issues Mr McFarlane may experience when administering insulin and checking BGL’s while on the road for his job. What information could you provide to assist Mr McFarlane deal with these issues? Consider in your answer:
a. Privacy and dignity when checking BGLs and administering insulin
b. Risk of anxiety and depression
c. Safely administering insulin at prescribed times, safe storage of medications and disposal of sharps

Question 3
Plan two (2) health promotion goals for each of the following areas and their expected outcomes for Mr McFarlane and his wife to assist in improving his overall health and decrease possible complications associated with his diabetes. Which other health professionals may be involved? Consider the following areas in your answer:
 Exercise
 Healthy eating
 Weight loss
 Smoking cessation
 Foot and eye care

CPD115 Care of Persons With Diabetes Assignment

CPD115 Care of Persons With Diabetes Assignment

Question 4
Outline five (5) resources available for Mr McFarlane and his wife to assist with gaining information on his diagnosis of diabetes and how to develop a healthier lifestyle.Provide details on what the resource offers and how it can assist Mr McFarlane and his wife. You can consider in your answer online and community clinics in your area. You can include lifestyle resources such as weight loss programs diabetes programs and other services available.

Question 5
Discuss possible issues related to diabetes care delivery and diabetes-related services in Australia. Consider in your answer:
a. Prevention and awareness of diabetes
b. Resource availability including rural and remote settings
c. Cost of resources
d. Increase incidences of diabetes

Question 6
Discuss how environmental and social factors can affect a client’s increased risk of developing diabetes and their ability to safely monitor their condition and to be monitored. Consider in your answer:
a. Social factors such as alcohol use lack of exercise and fatty diets
b. Cultural factors experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people

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