CON101 Assignment 1

Subject Code :- CON101
Weighting :- 20%
Learning outcomes
This assignment assesses the following learning outcome:
• LO1: Describe roles and responsibilities within the construction industry.
Instructions :-
• This assignment is divided into two tasks. Submit all your answers in one document.
• Create a header with your name, student number and assignment number and number your pages.
• Write the name and number of the task you are answering.
CON101 Assignment 1

CON101 Assignment 1

Scenario :-
The building of recycling tyre repair business was severely damaged in the February Christchurch earth quake. The business has been able to rent another building that is now not coping with the volume of work. They have found a piece of land to build a new work shop on. The current building is to be demolished in 6 months so there is urgency in the project.

The new workshop will be 550m2 with a concrete floor steel frame precast walls Zincalume roof fire protection mezzanine floor containing an office and lunch area with small kitchen and rest room. To complete the building there is to be 1000m2 of asphaltic for loading and unloading the recycled materials and for storage of the tyres, with some staff parking and an enclosed and secure storage area.

Please note:
This assignment has a suggested word count for each task. These are just a suggested guide for the length of answer required.

CON101 Assignment 1

Task 1: Reports on choice of contract

• To complete this task you need to write two short reports for the client, the owner of the tyre repair business.

• The first report will compare the advantages and disadvantages of turnkey design and build and traditional design-bid-build contracts for the proposed new workshop.

Your client has asked you to make a recommendation at the end of your report. You might like to use a table for the advantages and dis advantages.

• The second report needs to be about who will be involved in this project and why. It needs to set out the people who will be involved in the project and explain how their role and responsibilities might differ for each type of contract, design and build and design- bid-build.

• Both reports must well-presented and structured, using visually clear methods making them very easy to read and understand.

Task 2: Communications and meetings

The client has decided on a Design Bid Build (DBB) contract as they have a friend who is an architectural designer and who is looking for work.

This is the first time the client has been involved in a project like this so they need to understand the types of communication that occur on a construction project such as site meetings.

You as the main contractor’s intern will need to act as secretary for a site meeting preparing the agenda and writing up the minutes of the site meeting, to cover the issues detailed in Task 2 below. You need to use your imagination in fleshing out the decisions made by making up names for the personnel involved and elaborating on the incidents in the bullet points. It may help to talk to anyone you know in the construction industry to help you with imagining what might happen.

To complete this task using the scenarios and your recommendation from Task 1:
Write a formal letter to the client to discuss the purpose of site meetings and advise them of the protocols that make up a formal meeting.

CON101 Assignment 1

• Write the agenda for a formal site meeting using your recommendation from Task 1 with the following discussion points:

o The contractor is seeking a variation to the contract, as a soft area of ground has been found.
o The client has asked if he can have a shout for the workers to celebrate the first pour of the concrete.
o The designer is putting forward a request to rectify a discrepancy between the drawings and specifications regarding the handrail to the mezzanine level. It is shown with plywood panels in the drawings and tempered glass in the specifications.
o The plumbing subcontractor is showing samples of the kitchen and sanitary fittings to go into the project.

• Write minutes that show the decisions made from the four agenda items after the site meeting discussions. The four decisions made at the meeting are set out below. You will need to decide who is to action each decision.

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