Communication Essay Assignment

Unit Title :- Communication
Assignment Type : Essay
Your second assessment task will focus on the content you have learnt in the second half of the session. The Individual Assignment (IA) comprises two components: (1) Essay and (2) Reflective response.
Communication Essay Assignment

Communication Essay Assignment

This assessment relates to the following subject learning objectives :
1. apply critical and analytical thinking including a capacity to question existing practices and assumptions to the study of management and organisations
2.evaluate the theoretical foundations of the fields of management and organisational studies contextualise contemporary managerial practices in the light of this theory
3. explore management and organisational problems and issues relevant to organisations operating in a global and diverse workplace.

Communication Essay Assignment

From your learning this semester write an academic essay of 1500 words (+/-10% excluding references) in which you critically evaluate and draw conclusions about one the topics from Module 3: Management Practices.

You are the CEO of an organisation and have been given permission to design it as you think fit. In this essay, present a clear argument for the management practice you would employ. You should focus your discussion on one of the following management practices from Module 3: Culture, Power, Communication or Innovation & Change. You should also consider the type of organisation(s) in your response (eg. corporate, not-for-profit, start-up, government agency, etc.). In doing so, you will need to critique the practice (which means to analyse the various approaches, benefits and limitations) drawing on your research knowledge gained from this subject and contemporary, real life examples.

Communication Essay Assignment

We expect you to not just describe material from your sources, but to analyse and critically engage with this material. You should put forward your own original argument in your introduction and then compare it to arguments made by the other scholars working on your topic.

Make sure to avoid vagueness at all costs and provide as many specifics as possible throughout the essay, whether this is in your descriptions, analyses or argumentation. This tells us that you have read your sources carefully and critically.

Formatting :
Cover Sheet, original authorship statement and reflective response:

Each essay must be accompanied by a completed cover sheet, including the original authorship statement, signed by the student. By signing this sheet the student acknowledges their role and the submission process. The completed reflective response should be appended to the end of the essay.

Communication Essay Assignment

Communication Essay Assignment

This should be written in essay format with an introduction, body, conclusion and reference list. Double-space your text and use 2.54-centimetre margins. The text should be in a 12-point Times New Roman font and left-justified. Pages should be numbered, with the numbers appearing in the bottom right-hand corner of the pages. It should be submitted as a Word or readable pdf document and have the weekly topic in the file name.

In preparing your essay, you are expected to engage in a meaningful reflective drafting process making use of writing analysis tools that can provide you with individualised feedback on your written communication. As such your second task is to write a reflection of 500 words (+/-10%), to the feedback your tutor provided to your first essay and from other sources listed below.

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