Cognitive Learning Teaching Resources Assessment

Unit Title :- Cognitive Learning Teaching Resources
Assignment Type :- Assessment
Weighting :- 40%
Due :- Week 10
Length :- 1 x A4 double sided fact sheet, 1 x side of A4 for each activity
Due :- Weeks 11, 12 10-minute presentation
Cognitive Learning Teaching Resources Assessment

Cognitive Learning Teaching Resources Assessment

Learning outcome :- 4
For this assessment you will need to:
Part A: Develop a fact sheet for educators covering the following topics:
Sustained shared thinking
Conceptual thinking and learning
Dispositional learning

Include a clear explanation of how each supports brain development and cognition

Part B: Teacher resources
Create/find three activities (experiences); one for each of these age groups:
1 x Babies
1 x Toddlers
1 x 3-5 year olds

Write up a concise and clear description of each activity including:

A rationale based on neuroscientific research
4 developmental learning priorities that support:

Executive function
Self-regulated learning
Higher order thinking

the resources and preparation needed.
specific ways the activity can support brain and cognitive development.
specific ways the educator can support brain and cognitive development

Cognitive Learning Teaching Resources Assessment

Cognitive Learning Teaching Resources Assessment

Part C: 10 minute Presentation
demonstration of 1 of the activities above.
students are to lead/facilitate the activity involving the others in the class

The demonstration must show how the activity is facilitated and carried out using props materials etc. as would be done in an early childhood setting.

Your assessment should show evidence that you have read widely on the topic beyond the supplied readings and texts. Your assessment must use correct referencing, in APA style.

All submissions must comply with the requirements listed in the Student Handbook for this course.
The criteria for marking this assessment are given below.

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