CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Assessment Overview:
This Student Assessment Booklet includes all your tasks for assessment of this unit.
CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

About your assessments

This unit requires that you complete five assessment tasks.
You must complete all tasks to achieve Competency for this unit.

Assessment Task Cover Sheet

At the beginning of each task in this booklet you will find an Assessment Task Cover Sheet. Please fill it in for each task making sure you sign the student declaration. Your assessor will give you feedback about how well you went in each task and will write this on moodle online and on the Assessment Task Cover Sheet. Make sure you photocopy your written activities before you submit them – your assessor will put the documents you submit into your student file. These will not be returned to you.

CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

Assessment Tasks Outcome

Assessment 1 Workbook questions:

1. Identify and explain the hierarchy of evidence
The hierarchy of evidence is a core principal of evidence- based practice and this allows you to take top- down approach to locating the best evidence whereby you first search for a well conducted.

Systematic review:
A systematic review is a type that collects and critically analyzes multiple researches, studies of papers. Kelsall Kelsall & King (2014) base out a review of existing studies is often quicker and cheaper than embarking on a new study systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials are main in practice of evidence based medicine.

Literature review is important for any research project being undertaken.This is by the researcher both maps and assesses the relevant intellectual territory in order to specify a research which will further develop the knowledge base.

CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

2.Identify four (4) situations where research may be required to support and improve own work practice:
1.Maintain a reflective journal to record your thoughts and feelings, and then look back and evaluate your ideas and actions. Here you can put down your observations, reactions and questions that come to your mind while interacting with your clients or otherwise. You can write about the techniques you use, materials you need, context, concept and frameworks you use.
2.Formal discussions such as performance reviews that take place as part of the workplace processes.
3.Informal conversations with supervisors and peers also provide opportunities for self-reflectio
4.Questioning: Ask questions before and after starting a program, implementing a concept/idea or making any changes to your coaching practice. – What were your feelings before the change? – What are your feelings and thoughts after the change? – How the change will affect your future practice – Do you need any additional resources or support to continue? – What is your goal?

3.Name 5 considerations when evaluating credible sources of evidence
When we evaluating credible source of evidence we need to consider those things Is the author qualified to write on the topic?Are their credentials visible? Is the author affiliated with a recognised research institution? To evaluate the credibility of a source, first look at its mode of publication.Credible sources are published in peer-reviewed journals, scholarly books with lists of references, or .gov websites.

4.Name and detail how you would structure the development of a research proposal
For developing reserch proposal we need to think about this all Your title should give a clear indication of your proposed research approach or key question.
BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE. You should include: …

CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

5.List two (2) requirements for obtaining clearance to conduct research
In order for research to result in benefit and minimise risk of harm, it must be conducted ethically. … If ethical approval has not been obtained, the individual researcher bears personal responsibility for any claim. The aim of ethical review is to protect participants

Assessment 2 PROJECT:

Here you have to complete two research activities, after completing the research develop a range of actions that can be implemented within your own field of practice in your current workplace or it might relate to the field with which you intend to work.The workplace can be an actual workplace or a simulated environment that reflects workplace conditions. You have to the of suitable facilities, equipment and resources, including current research evidence- based studies and industry intelligence. Nominate the areas in which you will conduct research and describe the problems issues that you need to explore Write a report detailing the research the research results and any conclusions or recommendations.(1000-1500)

CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

In your report and for each of the research activities explain:

  • how you identified the situations where research was required
  • why the results search was necessary
  • the practices that the research was addressing
  • what are the intended expected outcomes were
  • how the research was conducted
  • the method used to collect, collate and evaluate information
  • how the information was used—in particular in terms of feasibility, benefits and risks
  • conclusions that were drawn from the research
  • procedures that were followed to document conclusions, suggestions and recommendations
  • methods that were used to action the research results

Your report must be clear clearly set out with appropriate headings lists graphs charts tables etc.

CHCPOL003 Research & Apply Evidence To Practice Assignment

The research can apply to any community service area and practice improvement for example aged care, youth services youth justice alcohol and other drugs mental health disability services etc.

In the report the participants must show that they have taken appropriate action to:

  • identify the need for research
  • define clear research objectives
  • appropriateness of all information need to be used
  • conduct research in a systematic and logical manner
  • use the information to assess feasibility, risks and benefits of proposed actions
  • using research conclusions try to determine whether there are any other issues requiring attention
  • develop procedures that will improve practice and are based on the research findings
  • explain why these improvements are important

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