CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

Unit Code :- CHCCOM003
Unit Title :- Develop Workplace Communication Strategies
Assignment Type :- Assessment 3 
Student Assessment Instructions
 Your assessor will explain the arrangements for this assessment, including when it will occur and how the observation will be conducted.
 You must satisfactorily complete all sections of the assessment tasks.
 Ask your assessor to clarify any aspect you are unsure about in this assessment task.
 You may be asked to explain some parts of the demonstration if the assessor needs any clarification.
 You may need to work in groups.
 Your trainer will provide you with a Zoom link to undertake the assessment task/role play
CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

Required Resources :-
 You will need to have access to relevant legislation standards and codes industry practices student book resources and computer and internet access.
 You may need access to organisational documents and deliverables from previous tasks in the assessment.

Evidence :-
 You must submit the completed assessment cover sheet and other evidence as outlined in the observation instructions by online submission with in the allocated time.
 Ensure you keep a copy of your submitted work. Assessments submitted without completed cover sheet will not be accepted.

When and where will this assessment take place?
 This assessment may be under taken in a simulated environment in a classroom off site via Zoom
Meeting Zoom Meetings are a cloud-based video conferencing application This is to be discussed
with the assessor.
 Your assessor will provide you with the due date, which can be recorded in the assessment plan.
 Your assessor may also specify the length of time allowed and the expected word count if applicable.

What if the assessment is not suitable?
 If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence within the observation assessment method your
assessor may be able to provide you with an alternative method. Discuss this with your assessor.

CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

What happens if your answers are not satisfactory?
 If any of the observation assessments are not satisfactory your assessor will provide you with feedback. You may need to resubmit some or all the assessment tasks. Your assessor will explain the details for your re assessment.
 In most cases you will be allowed a maximum of three attempts.
 If you are not satisfied with your assessment result you have the right to lodge an appeal. Ask your assessor or contact the Course Coordinator for more information.

Observation Instructions

 You are applying for a job with a community services organisation as a Communications Officer.
They have asked you to give a 10 minute oral presentation of what you would do to develop establish promote and review workplace communication strategies.
 You must then prepare and deliver the presentation to your assessor and at least 3 other students via Zoom meeting trainer will arrange who will roleplay as your colleagues. The use of audio-visual aids is encouraged.

CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

The student’s assessment shows evidence of the following:

1 Presentation
You will need to explain the ways you would:
 Identify internal and external information needs
 Identify competing or conflicting interests
 Develop a range of communication strategies to meet organisation needs and goals. This includes developing and demonstrating one digital media strategy to provide information about the organisation to clients.
 Develop processes and protocols in line with communication strategies
 Produce quality resources to support the implementation of communication protocols
 Present information to staff regarding communication strategies
 Maintain work-related networks and relationships

You are also required to:
 obtain feedback from the other students to assess your communication skills and effectiveness.
 prepare and submit Power point slides as part of your oral presentation. You can reference the information provided in this unit but you will also need to demonstrate that you have under taken your own research. Remember to properly cite and reference any material from other authors.

You will be assessed on the content of your report and your ability to communicate information clearly to the audience.

CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment

Assessment conditions :-
The assessment conditions should simulate a workplace environment with suitable facilities equipment and resources. They must also meet the following requirements:

  • interactions with people from a range of diverse back grounds
  • presentations to groups of at least 3 people
  • typical workplace reporting processes
  • use of presentation media

After your oral presentation and upon reviewing feedback from your peers, you are required to write a reflection on what you have learned about your own use of communication strategies and practices and how can you develop your skills further.

Presentation Self-Reflection Form

What did you like about developing this project? What did you do well?

What did you dislike about this project? What problems did you have?

What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn from the feedback?

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