Case Study Essay CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment

Subject Code : CULT2005
title : Ethics In The Social Sciences
Assessment Type : Assignment 3
Word limit: 1500 words (+/-10%)
Weighting: 45%
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Case Study Essay CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment

Case Study Essay CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment

Assignment overview :-
Choose a case study from the ten provided in Assignment 3: Case studies. Consider what dilemmas are presented by the case study, and how these issues might be informed by the theories examined in this subject. For this essay, you will need to choose two of the following theories to apply to the case study:

1.Universal ethical egoism.
2.Act utilitarianism.
3.Rule utilitarianism.
4.Care ethics.
6.Divine command theory.
7.Kant’s duty ethics.
8.Ross’s prima facie duties.
9.Nicomachean virtue ethics.
10.Confucian role ethics.

Extra readings and resources that may be used for this task are listed with each case study.
This assignment supports Subject Learning Outcomes 1, 3 and 4.

Assignment details :-
The following is a guide outlining what should be included within each section of your essay:

The introduction should identify the case study that you have chosen and the two theories you are going to apply to the case. Detailed in marking criteria 1.

The first section of the body should detail the dilemmas presented by the case study.
This is where you should provide some facts around the case. These may include academic material from the additional readings legislation policy scientific/medical evidence statistics government and NGO reports etc. This will be the foundation of your ethical analysis and is detailed in marking criteria 2.

The second section of the body should analyse how your two theories apply to the case. This will include:

1.applying all components of each theory to the case study
2.the strengths and weaknesses of applying each theory to the case study, and
3.providing consideration of the result of using each theory for all stakeholders impacted by the case study.

You can conduct this analysis separately or juxtapose both theories throughout the structure of the report you have creative licence in expressing the analysis. This section should form the bulk of your essay and is covered in marking criteria 3, 4 and 5.

The final section of the body should attempt to provide a feasible workable and ethical solution to the dilemma. You will do this by synthesising the main arguments that you’ve previously made throughout the body and should particularly draw upon the strengths discussed. This is covered in marking criteria 6.

A note on research :
You are expected to read widely for this assignment and identify a range of reputable sources that will be useful to completing the essay see Assignment Support:
Academic literacy for assistance. It would be particularly beneficial to make use of the readings provided to you for each case study however you are strongly encouraged to supplement the research by finding your own.

Case Study Essay CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment

Case Study Essay CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment

Wikipedia will not be considered a legitimate reference. Please be advised that websites are of inconsistent value and you need to be vigilant in your use of various websites (this includes blogs You Tube social media platforms etc). Resources that are not peer-reviewed will be excluded from the 6 references required and will instead be counted as external references. You are strongly advised to use the WSU library web page to locate resources for this task.

Note: the reference list is not included in the word count.

Case Study Essay CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment

Assignment tip
View the marking guide under Assignment criteria to see a detailed break down of how your work will be assessed. This is an excellent place to start your preparations for this assignment. Refer back to the marking guide frequently to make sure you are meeting the requirements.

Assignment support
Don’t forget that in addition to your OLAs who provide discipline-specific content advice you can access the 24/7 draft writing service from Studiosity. If you need assistance with academic feedback on a draft of your assignment see

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