BUSM4741 Financial Analytics For Managerial Decisions Assignment

Course Code : BUSM4741
Subject Name : Financial Analytics for Managerial Decisions
Assessment Type : Individual report
Weighting : 30 %
Word limit: 2000 (+/– 10%)
Context: The purpose of the assessment is to be able to thoroughly research the financial statements of the company and reflect on current situations and possible strategies. If that helps you may assume the company is your client and is seeking your all round analysis and strategic propositions going forward.
BUSM4741 Financial Analytics For Managerial Decisions Assignment

BUSM4741 Financial Analytics For Managerial Decisions Assignment

Overview :-
This assessment takes the form of a Business Report.
This assessment focuses on your ability to read interpret and analyse financial statements.The task primarily requires creating and evaluating relevant financial ratios identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the business and proposing strategies for future improvements.

Company details :
The company to be analysed is Super Retail Group Ltd listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with a trading code of SUL.

How to succeed in this assessment
1.Assess the financial reports of the designated company. You are expected to identify the ratios to be analysed, compare and evaluate the financial performance of the company and draw correct conclusions based on the analysis.
2.Propose business strategies for the designated company and discuss the suitability of the current business strategies.
3.Present the assignment as a standard business report. The report must be of a standard commonly expected in the commercial world in relation to contents, language, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

This assignment requires a thorough understanding of the process of closely analysing the financial statements with a view of generating meaningful insights about the businesses and bench marking their relative position. The purpose of the assessment is for you to engage deeply with the fundamental analysis of business for informed decision-making purposes by the managers.

Course Learning outcomes :
This assessment is aligned with:
• CLO1: Analyse, interpret and critically evaluate global financial information from a variety of sources in order to develop sustainable business proposals.
• CLO2: Create effective business reports, advice and tables tailored to specific business needs
• CLO3: Show effective, appropriate and persuasive collaboration and communication skills in a range of contexts.
• CLO4: Select communicate and advocate effective strategies using design thinking to address complex business problems and opportunities.
• CLO5: Apply ethical standards to the role and conduct of financial reporting.

BUSM4741 Financial Analytics For Managerial Decisions Assignment

Assessment details :
You are required to study the annual reports of the designated company over the past three years and present your findings in a business report format. Your business report should evaluate the relative financial performance of the company based on the financial analysis results and propose strategies for future improvements.

You are expected to draw upon written material and required readings. The financial analysis should be conducted using skills and techniques learned in this course.

You are required to:
• Identify, calculate and analyse the appropriate financial ratios from the five key categories based on its annual reports
• Conduct the DuPont analysis
• Evaluate major business segments’ profitability/other relevant ratios of the designated company
• Use appropriate graphs to illustrate the relative performance of the company, including the trend of the ratios
• Discuss the suitability of the current business strategies and propose strategies for future based on your analysis.

When interpreting the financial ratios, you are required to compare the ratios with various benchmarks such as prior years the competitors and/or the industry averages.

Please present your detailed calculations in the appendix. If you carry out your calculations using an Excel workbook highly recommended please copy and paste key excerpts in your appendix. Please also upload your Excel workbook for the course facilitator. Though your Excel work will not be marked but may be referred to if needed.

BUSM4741 Financial Analytics For Managerial Decisions Assignment

BUSM4741 Financial Analytics For Managerial Decisions Assignment

While discussing your analysis correct terminology and coherent expression should be inter woven through out. Finally it should be a synthesis of various relevant financial ratios and their interpretation overlaid with your own view of the over all health of the business followed by your recommendations.

Word limit:
2,000 words (+/- 10%)
Please be mindful of word limit and communicating thoughts and ideas succinctly. A 10% allowance over the word limit is applicable anything over 10% is liable for penalization. Word limit applies to main section/body only. The sections like an executive summary table of contents reference list and any appendices tables graphs and other artefacts if any are not included in the word count.That also assumes that the tables artefacts in the main body are not text heavy. Please seek further clarification from an instructor if you are unsure about adherence to word/length limits.

Submission file type:
Word Document or PDF file for your report and Excel spreadsheet for your calculations.

Some advice and general information
Analytical discussions must establish clear outcomes and follow sound reasoning based on the financial statistics generated in the process.

Assessment details :

How to succeed in this assessment:
• Financial analysis: It is essential that students are able to conduct calculations, interpretations applications and communication of various financial ratios. Apart from the recommended readings students must have done the activities and associated tasks on Canvas.

• Bench marking: When interpreting the financial ratios, you are required to compare the ratios with various bench marks such as prior years, the competitors and the industry averages. Industry average ratios can be accessed from the library resources such as IBIS World, Market Line and Passport. Other sources of financial information may be useful for your analysis. Examples are ASX Reuters Finance Yahoo Finance financial news papers such as The Australian Financial Review.

• Strategic suggestions: To assist in decision making, you are required to draw accurate conclusions on the strengths and weaknesses of the company based on the financial analysis and give persuasive suggestions. Discuss the suitability of the current business strategies and propose improvements for the future.

• Business Report: The assignment is to be presented as a business report. Thus it is vital that it covers the
necessary elements of a professional report writing. It should be visually appealing and well summarised but also must contain sufficient details may be in the appendix.

• Presentation: While reporting your analysis attend to professionality and parameters as set out in assessment guidelines (i.e. rubric criteria, word limits, design and structure of presented information).

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