BUSM4596 Issues In Diversity Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- BUSM4596 Issues In Diversity
Assessment Type :- Assignment Individual case study analysis (Essay)
Weighting :- 40%
Length:- 2000 words (excluding references)
Overview :- This individual case study analysis focuses on evaluating your ability to analyse and apply theory toan authentic case study scenario. You are provided with a case study. You will review the literature and will align theories of diversity to your interpretation of the case study.
BUSM4596 Issues In Diversity Assignment

BUSM4596 Issues In Diversity Assignment

Course Learning Outcomes :-
This assessment is linked to the following Course Learning Outcomes:
CLO1: Critically evaluate values and behaviour that influence our own and others’ assumptions attitudes and stereo types regarding diversity and inclusivity.
CLO 2: Research the challenges and benefits of recruiting, supporting and developing staff from diverse back grounds.
CLO 3: Analyse the benefits of ethical workplaces leadership and management in the context of diversity in the work place.
CLO 4: Apply theoretical concepts and tools to ethically engage a diverse workforce within a range of employment situations and organisations.

Assessment Criteria :-
− Propose an argument that clearly and concisely demonstrates an insightful and in depth analysis of the case study. (15points) (CLOs 3 and 4)
− Identify and integrate appropriate theories of diversity into your argument. (15points) (CLOs 1 and 2).
− Demonstrate appropriate academic references and writing skills.

Assessment details :-
Download the case study Diversity and Inclusion the case of Entrenched Prejudgement.

You are required to read the case study a couple of times make notes and analyse it using the theories that you explored throughout the course. Feel free to refer back to assessment 1 if you find it suitable.

BUSM4596 Issues In Diversity Assignment

Drawing on the case study answer the following question:
• What is your view of the approach Violet, the CEO, has taken in diversity policies she is implementing with in the company?

In your essay make sure you identify the theory(ies) you have chosen to use as a frame work Explain in detai how this theory would in form an ethical approach to the case study.

Be concise in your essay but make sure that your point of view on this specific issue is evident in your analysis. Also make sure you reference back to at least 10 academic references.

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