BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement
Assessment Type :- Assignment
What you have to do
In this assessment you continue with your evaluation of an organisation’s WHS policies procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements.
BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

The assessment examines the implementation of a training program and accurate record keeping. The two tasks include:

1. Preparing a structured training plan outline using either a coaching or mentoring approach to address a gap and/or deficiency in meeting WHS training needs

2.Preparing a Coaching OR Mentoring Agreement, and,

3. Accurately completing WHS documentation of a workplace incident.

BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

Your assessment should be no more than 1200 words.

*The coaching or mentoring may be part of a structured training program that also has a component of on-the-job and/or off-the-job learning.

**Element 3 in your Learning Resource has an in-depth discussion on how to under take a training needs analysis and provides examples of various training programs that should be considered by an organisation in managing their WHS obligations.

BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

Task 1

i. Select ONE training need from those identified in Assignment 1 Part Two A g) which can be practically addressed by the introduction of a structured coaching or mentoring training program for individuals or small work team such as manual handling or emergency procedures, etc.

A number of sources of data and/or information must be analysed to support the training of the identified WHS need.

The training must provide specific, clear and accurate information to the work team on the training need identified.

BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

ii. Use the template following this assessment to prepare your training plan outline. You must include information that addresses the following areas:

1. Identify the WHS training need you are addressing. State the Section and/or Clause number/s of the legislation in your State/Territory that specifies the requirement to train workers.
2. State the name/s of the organisation’s policy procedures and program that relates to the identified WHS training need.
3.List the stakeholders who were consulted and the data and information sources reviewed. In your answer, briefly summarise the analysis of the data/information to support the development of training to meet the WHS need e.g. Incidents reported audit findings employee survey data, etc.
4. List the principles of coaching and mentoring. Show how you have incorporated these in your training program outline.
5. List the principles of adult learning. Show how you have incorporated these in your training program outline.
6. List the job title/s of those who will participate in the coaching or mentoring training.
7. How the coaching or mentoring training will take place e.g. observations of on-the- job performance or off-the-job training or using a combination of methods.
8. Briefly list the content that will be undertaken in the coaching or mentoring training.
9. Provide an approximate costing for the coaching or mentoring training component taking account of the wages for the Coach/Mentor and the participant/s as well as any other resources utilised (e.g. wages to backfill any time that the participants may be off the job).
10. List the organisation’s reporting mechanisms you will use to monitor the effectiveness of the coaching or mentoring training to ensure that WHS training actually happens and was useful. For example: surveys, monitoring incident reports WHS audits etc.

iii. Prepare and complete a Coaching or Mentoring Agreement between the two parties. Attach as Appendix 2.

BSBWHS401 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment

Task 2 :-
i. Using an incident that resulted in an injury at your workplace or the Case Study following accurately complete the attached Incident/Injury Report Form.
Complete both parts of the form, i.e. the worker’s details and as the injured worker’s supervisor.
ii. State where the Incident/Injury Report form will be filed in the workplace.
iii. Attach the completed Incident Report Form to your assignment submission as Appendix 3.

Case study :-
Mary is a production line process worker in a chicken meat processing abattoir, ABC Meat Company, Cityville. She has suffered a back injury this morning while lifting boxes from a conveyer line. The First Aid officer was called immediately to the work area and arranged for an ambulance to transport Mary to the closest hospital – Downtown Public Hospital. The duty doctor, Dr Rosanne Smith, has advised that Mary’s prognosis is that she may be off work for many months as she is in constant pain and will most likely need her lower vertebrae fused.

The company does not dispute that the injury occurred whilst at work. The Insurer will therefore most likely accept liability and will therefore meet approved costs.

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