BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

Subject Code & Title :- BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
Assignment Type :- This is a summative assessment which requires each student to have adequate practice prior to under taking this assessment.
Assessment Methods :- Written Assessment, Assessment 1, Project (C), Assessment 2 Case study Investigate current practices Implement a plan
BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task - US.

Unit Summary :-

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to analyse and implement improvements to the environmental sustainability of work practices and monitor their effectiveness.

The unit applies to individuals with responsibility for the practices of a specific work area or who lead a work group or team.

No licensing legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Prerequisite Units

There are no recommended pre-requisite units for this competency.

Co-requisite Units

There are no recommended co-requisite units for this competency.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices Assessment 

Resources :-

Resources :- Student Learner Guide Power Point presentation Rhodes College OHS Policies & Procedures Practice Manual Office equipment and resources computer facilities with internet including the Student Resource Folder accessible for every student via Rhodes College intranet.

Assessment 1 – Written Assessment

1. In general what environmental / sustainable issues do our current laws focus on?

2 a) Visit the State or Commonwealth EPA websites and conduct the following research.
What is the name of the environmental legislation that the EPA implements and regulates?

2 a) a) Provide an example of when the EPA will accept an enforceable undertaking, and
b) Two further examples of when an Enforceable Undertaking is not appropriate.

3 a) In your own words why is it important to go green in your workplace?

3 b) Your business can profit from environmental management through:
Provide the incorrect answer/s from the suggestions given.
• spending less on raw materials, energy and water.
• recognition for your efforts through environmental awards.
• not needing to consider safety in environmental management practices.
• achieving a reputation for best practice by following voluntary industry codes of conduct or the inter national environmental standard ISO 14000 series.
• finding new market opportunities for “green” goods and services.
• improving workplace safety through reduced use of industrial chemicals and reduced waste.
• A positive reputation as a business that cares about its impact on the environment.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

4. What steps can both yourself and your organisation take to improve the environmental impact in relation to lighting within your organisation?

5. What steps can both yourself and your organisation take to improve your environmental impact inrelation to IT within your organisation?

6 a) What steps can your organisation take to improve the environmental impact in procurement with in your organisation including monitoring and reporting usage trends?

6 b) Visit the website and find and list four environmental risks that may affect your

7 Explain the five R’s in terms of waste management.

8 Provide 4 ways you can “Reduce” in your office?

9 Provide 4 ways you can “Reuse” in your office?

10 Provide 4 ways you can “Recycle” in your office?

11 a) Conduct research into bench marks using the Energy Management Guide for Tenants in the assessment resource list.
What is the NABERS five-star rating system?

11 b) What is the average rating for an office?

12 a) Refer to the Energy Management Guide for Tenants list five Energy Management Policy inclusions you think should be included in a workplace that you are familiar with.

12 b) What is great about having an Energy Management Policy? List five great benefits of having a policy in place.

12 c) How far should stakeholder key personnel and specialist advisor consultation extend?

13 What issues relating to sustainability could you include in a company’s environmental policy?

14 What permissions or approvals would you require when acting in your own role to communicate your ideas feedback with internal?

15 Why is it imperative that you seek the necessary permissions or approvals needed to communicate your ideas feedback with external stakeholders?

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task - US.


This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements.

For the project use the issue identified in the Case study or apply to appropriate activities in your current workplace. Ensure you access

• Sustainability practices adopted by an organisation that information is available and agreed on with your employer and your trainer/assessor.
• You will be also required to access the relevant legislation regulations standards codes policies and procedures from local state and commonwealth government authority’s, and organisations.
• You must complete the full project and provide enough information to demonstrate sufficient under standing of what has been asked to achieve competency
• Ask your trainer/assessor if you do not understand the project he/she may be able to re-word the requirements for you or provide further assistance based on the Institute’s Reasonable Adjustment Policy.
• Answers should be your own work in your own words and not plagiarized nor copied. How ever if an answer is cut & pasted (such as a definition then the source should be referenced

Wastage both affects the bottom line of any business as well as having a negative impact on the environment in which we live.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

Case Study :-
You work in a large office with 150 workers on your floor. There are two large printer / copier machines located at each end of the floor in separate rooms. Currently no security is required to use these machines with workers able to copy and print both work and private documents. The printer / copier rooms store paper and cartridges which are ordered by reception when required.

Used cartridges and unwanted copies or jammed paper are disposed of in the general waste bin

The first workers commence work at 7:00am whilst the late shift finishes at 7:00pm Monday to Friday. Only workers with an appropriate security pass (approximately 40 employees) are allowed access to the building out of hours and at weekends.

There are two breakout areas on the floor with a sink constant boiling and chilled water a fridge and tables and chairs for approximately 25 people in each area. There is a single large rubbish bin for all waste which is emptied each night.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

The building’s heating and cooling is controlled centrally and runs 24 hours per day maintaining a constant working temperature.

Form a working group of four (4) students and conduct a brain storming session on Part 1 of this assessment. Then in your words:

1. Describe all of the environmental impact issues of this office or your workplace environment? Be sure you include the details of any hazards caused by the current situation previous audits etc.

2. How would you lessen the environmental impact of this office (or your workplace)? Be sure you cover energy utilities paper garbage and any other issues you feel are relevant.

3. Prepare an on-line survey with at least 10 questions relating to the environmental impact of this business that you could use to gather more information about workers habits in the building. Include one question about arrival time and whether the employee ever uses the building at weekends. Write the survey in a manner that will encourage worker feed back.

The table below contains the following responses to two of the questions on your worker question naire.

4. What recommendations could you make about the heating cooling and lighting of the building based on this information and any other feedback given?

Table 1 – responses to survey questions.

From the results of other questions, you asked workers you can see that they appreciate and use the boiling water and chilled water machine despite the fact that it runs 24 hours per days for 365 days per year. Electricity bills show this to be a very expensive exercise.

5. Suggest other more energy efficient ways in which boiling and chilled water could be provided? You will need to do some research on the actual cost of boiling water units and alternatives. Include this information in your answer.

You have been concerned for some time about paper wastage, especially copy paper.

6. Suggest at least THREE (3) ways in which paper consumption could be reduced.

7. Suggest TWO (2) ways you could measure if there was any reduction in paper use and then how to conduct benchmarking so as to enable continuous improvement change management whilst not effecting quality assurance techniques?

8. Devise a simple pro-forma document whereby you can make recommendations to and seek appropriate approvals from management for changes made in day-to-day operational issues procurement or purchasing citing an item or work process that needs to be modified or improved the reasoning behind your re commendation i.e., achieving an environmental performance target etc., with a simple cost benefit analysis and predictive return on making the improvement or purchase.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task - US.

PART 2 – Access information and data to investigate resource usage.

Form a working group of four (4) students and conduct a brainstorming session for Part 2 of this assessment. Then in your words try and come to an agreement and explain:

1.What environmentally friendly practices can you use at work?

2. What do you understand by the term “food miles”?

3.What can you do to minimise the food miles in your current workplace?
• Food purchasing
• Clothing purchasing

4. Suggest at least TWO (2) reasons why public transport trains trams and buses are more environmentally friendly than motor vehicles together with how and why staff should consider using same?

5. Agree on at least three work practices that could be improved up on with in your organisation. Outline how the suggested work practices could be both implemented and monitored to accurately report on their progress.

PART 3 – Prepare a report to management that sets out a sustainable improvement initiative

The initiative is a tactical plan to implement a sustainability measure and will include how the measure will be implemented and how its effectiveness is evaluated.

The report must include:
a) Name and detail the regulation/s complied with, and examples of current procedures to ensure compliance i.e., internal / external audits, etc.
b) Three or more suggested improvements that could be made within your organisation to improve its environmental footprint.
c) Examples of data collected that indicates a need to improve the business activity i.e supply records and invoices, etc.
d) Clearly define at least three steps for implementation and three steps for monitoring that will be required to accurately assess the progress and success of your suggested changes.
e) A forecast or predictive data that indicates when the improvements will deliver a return on investment.
f) Who has been consulted and what feedback was provided?
g) Who needs to be consulted Support available to staff during implementation?
h) In conclusion include two suggestions about organisational resilience to future environmental and sustainability challenges.
i) Ensure your report includes how participants will be rewarded for their input and the flow on effect of improvements to the organisation.
j) Suggestions of how company purchasing and quality assurance processes won’t be adversely affected by your suggested change/s.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

DOCUMENTATION TO BE SUBMITTED to complete this Assessment:

1. Case study Part 1 Questions 1 to 8

2. Accessed information and data Part 2 – Questions 1 to 4

3.Tactical plan – Implement sustainability initiative.

BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Task – US.

Your submission must be prepared using business software such as MS Word Excel Power Point or similar software with hard copies provided to your Trainer/Assessor. Hand written submissions are only acceptable with prior approval from your Trainer/Assessor.

Your documents should be professionally formatted and include:
a. Your Name
b. Your Student ID
c. Unit Code
d. Assessment Number (i.e. BSBSUS411 Assessment 2)

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