BSBPRC504 Manage A Supply Chain Assignment

Assessment 2 Identify Relevant Technologies And Software
Subject Code & Title :- BSBPRC504 Manage A Supply Chain
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Task Description :- For this second assessment task you will be required to identify the relevant technologies
and software used in McDonald’s supply chain strategy.
BSBPRC504 Manage A Supply Chain Assignment

BSBPRC504 Manage A Supply Chain Assignment

NOTE : The work completed for this assessment task provides the basis for completing Assessment Tasks 3 and 4. Ensure you keep a copy of this completed assessment for future use.

This task is to be completed in your own time and once you have completed the program of learning for this unit. The answers and all relevant documents must all be submitted for assessment.

It is recommended that you create an assessment folder for all of the documents required for this assessment. When saving files be sure to clearly identify the related task for example:

• BSBPRC504_Assessment_Task_2
You must answer all questions correctly to demonstrate knowledge performance and/or complete all tasks satisfactorily to demonstrate task application.

Task 2 Specifications
You must submit:
● Technology review report.

Case Study Scenario McDonald’s Supplier
As the newly appointed operations manager for ‘Bake-off’ a medium-sized company that has just won the contract to supply freshly baked buns for the McDonald’s stores located in the southern region of WA including Perth Fremantle and surrounding suburbs the CEO has asked you to research the technology and/or software the company will need in order to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with McDonald’s and their nominated distributor/s to receive and despatch orders as required.

The company sees the relationship with McDonald’s as a long-term one and so the CEO is keen to do all she can to ensure the company has the technology needed to achieve the contract KPIs. To this end, the CEO has approved a working budget of up to $820k to purchase and implement necessary technology.

Your first job is to research McDonald’s procurement model and how the system works. From there you will need to meet with your distributors to discuss streamlining the purchasing processes then make recommendations to the CEO and management team on necessary technology purchases the implementation strategies as well as how they will be monitored and improved (as needed).

Bake-off Distributors
As the company must supply freshly baked buns on a daily basis, they must utilise their own distribution fleet and/or other distributors. Bake-off maintains a small, local fleet of 15 trucks that delivers to outlets in an around its central Perth bakery location. The company also works with a number of distributors (who may also distribute for other McDonald’s suppliers in order to manage the large geographical area in Southern WA (stipulated in the McDonald’s contract they recently won).

These include:
• PFD,
• Bidfood Perth,
• Westoz Food Distributors,
• Southcoast Food Services.

As you have only been in your role as operations manager for a short time, you have not yet had an opportunity to speak to these external distribution companies although you have spent quite a bit of time with Bake-off’s fleet manager and despatch coordinator. As a result you know that the system is still pretty much paper-based. Even though the company implemented a new stock management system 12 months ago it seems there has been a fair bit of push-back from the ageing team who find it easier to follow paper-
based orders and rather than rock the boat, the despatch coordinator has let them be with the idea that as they retire he will implement the online system.

The problem with this approach is that it makes it hard to address McDonald’s KPIs. The system will either need to change or, be totally outsourced to Bake-off’s distribution network.

1.Based on the research you have undertaken and the scenario above, prepare a report for the senior management team of Bake Off, titled, Technology Review Report to discuss the technology requirements of the partnership with McDonalds.

Your report must include:
a. An overview and explanation of how upgrading technology will contribute to the organisation’s strategy and objectives
b. McDonald’s manages its supply chain through a specific procurement model. From the research you have undertaken:

i. Note the name of the system and who owns it,
ii. Explain what it does,
iii. Include a diagram of the McDonalds E-Procurement Model and outline how it operates.

BSBPRC504 Manage A Supply Chain Assignment

BSBPRC504 Manage A Supply Chain Assignment

c.The e-procurement system effectively allows all of McDonald’s franchises across the globe to buy everything they need to run their restaurants and to communicate the supplies they need from suppliers through the network.

i. What implications does this have for the cost of labour and supply prices?
ii. What other lessons does this model give us?

d. Outline the business data and reports would you need to gather in order to compare outcomes budgets timelines and forecasts to actual performance.

e. Outline the distribution mode/s you recommend utilising to ensure the Bake-off buns were delivered daily and in accordance with McDonald’s performance measures. Explain why you have selected this or these modes.

f. Identify and recommend the technologies and software that could be used by Bake-off to integrate with the McDonald’s e-procurement system,

g. Describe and chart the technology flow through the Bake-off supply chain along with the recommended technology solutions to ensure the highest level of quality delivery

h. Outline the minimum level of technology/integration needed in the supply chain to ensure Bake-off achieved its daily performance levels.

i. Outline the process for managing sales and payments ethically between Bake-off and its network of distributors

j. Develop an approximate budget for the CEO that covers the initial Bake-off spend to upgrade their technology for the new McDonald’s contract. Your budget must cover the:
i. Cost of purchase/ongoing cost (i.e. of leasing/ monthly payments etc.),
ii. An estimate of implementation costs including internal/external consultants/trainers time off the job for key employees and so on.

k. Make a list of the relevant legislation regulations standards and policies and procedures you may need to consider when implementing new technology. Minimum of 2 legislations, 1 regulation, 1 set of standards and 2 policies/procedures)

l. Considering the review improvements which you have recommended, outline the support which could be offered to those Bake-off employees affected and how the support you identified would be applied.

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