BIZ202 The Business Environment Assessment 2

Subject Code and Title :- BIZ202 The Business Environment
Assessment :- Macro Environment Report
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- 1500 words ± 10%
Weighting :- 40%
Context :-
Businesses in the modern marketplace cannot afford to ignore the environments in which they operate. To navigate this vast and ever-changing landscape, businesses must keep a keen eye on macro environmental factors that influence them. This report is an effort to identify these factors and propose solutions to the risks they pose.
BIZ202 The Business Environment Assessment 2

BIZ202 The Business Environment Assessment 2

Learning Outcomes :-

a) Examine the influence of the external environment on organisations.
b) Identify and apply appropriate frameworks and tools to the problems and challenges faced by organisations.
c) Research and relate industry specific factors to the organisation decision making process.
d) Apply a relevant framework(s) to evaluate the micro and macro environmental influences on an organisation.

Instructions :-
Choose an article about an Australian or international business still in operation published within last three months from submission date of this assessment from the listed sources choosing an article older than this period will result in an automatic fail for this assessment. Write a report identifying and analysing any relevant information about the macro environmental factors of the organisation from the chosen article in corporating the following:

BIZ202 The Business Environment Assessment 2

• Identify macro environmental factors that influence the chosen business specifically. These factors may include but are not limited to changes in political trade policies foreign investment restrictions tax policies etc), environmental social ethical cultural technological legal government regulation in both domestic and foreign country economic inflation un employment income levels economic growth foreign exchange rates etc) environment. Analyse their impact on business that may be in terms of but not limited to changes in business performance structure policies profitability reputation growth and market share.

• Propose solutions to challenges to counter prevailing/potential risks within the macro environment of the business.

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