BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

Subject Code and Title :- BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications
Assessment :- Evidence-based Response
Individual/Group :- Individual Task
Length :- 600 words(+/- 10%)
Weighting :- 20%
Learning Outcomes :- This assessment addressesthe following subject learning outcomes:
a) Demonstrate information literacy and critical analysis appropriate to the level of study.
b) Understand and demonstrate academic integrity and authentic engagement with information.
BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

Introduction :-
In business successful communicators must transfer and respond to messages and requests using written communication to suit their audience other wise messages can be misinterpreted or mis under stood. Learning how to use different writing styles will help you to develop researching and writing for different audiences and purposes.

This assessment is made up of 2 tasks – Task 1 & 2 are about you as a student of Torrens University Australia (TUA).

BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

The tasks are designed for you to demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and under standing of key concepts relating to written communication covered in Modules 1 and 2 of this subject. This assessment will provide you with an insight into communication and resources for you to use to reach your academic potential and follow whilst following the rules for academic integrity.

For both tasks:
• please comply with all academic standards of legibility and referencing and adhere to the correct use of academic writing, presentation and grammar
• Support on academic writing skills and APA referencing can be found:
• the rules about academic integrity can be found:
• The assessment requires you to follow this process:

• Read all instructionsthoroughly before you begin this assessment.

Task 1 :-

Academic Integrity
Scenario –
You are a student mentor at Torrens University and as part of your role have been asked to provide information and advice to guide and support your fellow students beginning at the University.

You MUST refer to the Academic Integrity Policy & Academic Procedures for Torrens University Australia (TUA) in your advice.

By under taking research on the topic of academic integrity at Torrens University – this is so you provide accurate information and advice to your fellow students and develop your own knowledge about working with integrity.

BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

Use these guiding questions to help you research, plan and write your short response about why these areas are important and why integrity matters.

• Why is academic integrity important?
• What penalties can apply to breaches of academic integrity?
• How does working with integrity improve your professional and personalsuccess?

You MUST refer to the TUA Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures as these documents will provide valuable information to share with your audience.

BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

Task 2 :-

Achieving Academic Success
Reaching your potential in your academic study is enhanced by understanding your learning style an learning how to manage your time. It is also important to develop skills in critical thinking and applycritical evaluation to what you research in academic and business writing.

BIZ101 / BIZ101A Business Communications Assignment

This short written response can be written as a Reflective Journal meaning you can use first person (using ‘I’ and ‘me’).

• What is your learning style based on Peterson and Kolb’s (2017) Nine Learning Styles and how will you use this knowledge to help with your studies?
• Why istime management important when you are a student and what strategies will you use to for your studies?
• What is critical thinking and how will you apply it to further your knowledge and develop your skills as a student?

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