BISY3004 E-Commerce And E-Business Application Assignment 

Unit Code& Title : BISY3004 E-Commerce and E-Business Application
Assessment Type : Case Study
Assessment Weighting : Report 30%
Alignment with Unit and Course : Unit Learning Outcome ULO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Graduate Attributes Assessed:
 Research
 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
 Collaboration
 Ethical Behaviour
 Flexibility
BISY3004 E-Commerce And E-Business Application Assignment 

Assessment Description:
Case studies assess students’ understanding of concepts presented in weekly lectures and tutorials by researching and analysing real life situations. This is a group assignment.

In this assignment students are required to identify a recent E-Commerce and E-Business idea and write a 1,500-word report.

Suggested topics (List is not restricted):
 E-Commerce store (choose any product)
 Teach online courses
 Online marketing service for businesses
 Start online clothing store
 Sell web hosting and domain services
 Virtual assistance service
 Build apps and websites
 Develop and sell a niche product

Following instructions must reflect in your writing

Selling on the web
 Choose a revenue model and discuss why you have chosen that model for your e-business idea.
 Describe the characteristics of your revenue model.
 Discuss the web presence objectives and strategies to support your business idea. What are your plans to make your e-business website more accessible,user-centric, usable?
 Discuss your plans to increase customer loyalty and trust.

Marketing on the web
 Choose a marketing strategy and discuss why you have chosen that marketing strategy for your e-business idea.
 Discuss your strategies to communicate different market segment.
 Discuss the identification of customer’s characteristics as they move through the customer relationship life cycle.
 Discuss strategies for customer acquisition, conversion, retention.
 Discuss your ideas for customer relationship management.
 Discuss how you are going to create and maintain your brand on the Web (you can also include different marketing campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation etc).

Business-to-Business Activities: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Costs
 Discuss how you are going to use the Internet to improve purchasing, logistics, and other support activities.
 Discuss if you have any outsourcing and offshoring business strategies.
 How electronic data interchange works and how it has evolved using Internet technologies.
 Discuss your plans on supply chain management with internet technologies.

Social Networking, Mobile Commerce
 Discuss your strategies of using social networking tools in your online business activities.
 Discuss if you are going to use crowd funding platform.

BISY3004 E-Commerce And E-Business Application Assignment 

BISY3004 E-Commerce And E-Business Application Assignment 

Legal, Ethical and Tax
 Discuss how you are planning to work on legal, ethical and tax issues in your e-business.

Web Server Hardware and Software
 Discuss your plans on Web server, Operating Systems, Server Software, E-Mail management.
 Discuss your plans on Hardware you are going to use for your e-business.

Software for E-Commerce
 Discuss the functions of your e-business/e-commerce software or website.
 Discuss web services, Customer relationship management, Knowledge management and supply chain management software you are going to use with your electronic commerce software/website.

E-Commerce Security
 Discuss the security concerns of your new e-business/e-commerce software/website.
 Discuss your security policy.
 Discuss implementation of security Web client computers, Server computers and Communication channels.

Detailed Submission Requirements:
Before submission, you ensure the submitted work satisfies the following requirements:
 The assignment is to be written in a report format. It must have separate sections.
 The report should additionally, include an Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Introduction, Conclusion and References
 Submit as a word file through the Turnitin assignment submission tool on Moodle.
 Include a cover sheet that has student name, subject, date, report title and WORD COUNT.
 The assignment should not exceed 1,700 words with a minimum of 1,500 words, excluding references and cover page.

 Engaging someone else to write any part of your assessment for you is classified as mis conduct.
 To avoid being charged with Misconduct, students need to submit their own work.
 Remember that this is a Turnitin assignment and plagiarism will be subject to severe penalties.

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