ARCH1101 Detailed Design – Fishing Club + Lifesaving Tower Assignment

Subject Code :- ARCH1101
Title :- Detailed Design – Fishing Club + Lifesaving Tower
Weighting :- 60%
ARCH1101 Detailed Design – Fishing Club + Lifesaving Tower Assignment

ARCH1101 Detailed Design - Fishing Club + Lifesaving Tower Assignment

In Assessment 3 students will be developing a detailed design of a fishing club surf life saving tower and cleansing facilities based on their site analysis and spatial studies. The detailed design phase of a project follows on from the site analysis and initial spatial experimentation. In this assessment students will be asked to consider how they would site compose and construct a building to house the Gordons Bay Fishing Club the new Gordons Bay Surf Life Saving Tower and bathing facilities. A detailed break down of the requirements for each space can be found below.

Gordon’s Bay is the only non patrolled beach along the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk you have been commissioned to design an observation tower by Surf Life Saving Australia and Rand wick Council that will be combined with the existing Gordon’s Bay Amateur Fishing Club. As the bay is predominantly calm a large surf life saving SLS club is not required instead you are asked to design a look out tower large enough for 3 life savers along with appropriate amenities and storage. The tower must be elevated to give the life savers un inter rupted views across the bay.

In addition to the SLS facilities Rand wick Council wants you to design amenities with a focus on cleansing at the moment Gordons Bay does not have any shower or toilet facilities. Given the impressive natural beauty of the area the council wants a bespoke design response that focuses on the experience of cleansing as opposed to a standard amenities block.

The public facilities should pay particular attention to the experience of the users the design should draw inspiration from the site to create a space that considers the functional and atmospheric qualities of the space. You are also encouraged to consider whether the existing infra structure boat skiff walk ways needs to be altered.

ARCH1101 Detailed Design – Fishing Club + Lifesaving Tower Assignment

ARCH1101 Detailed Design - Fishing Club + Lifesaving Tower Assignment

The commission also asks you to redesign the Gordon’s Bay Amateur Fishing Club and to add additional amenity and function. The fishing club will be frequently used by its members who can access the club at any time via a secure entry. The club serves a functional and community role which should be captured in your architectural solution.

All deliverables will be submitted on A 2 panels.


Students will prepare a set of orthographic drawings of their proposal.
1 x Site Plan (1:200)
1 x Floor Plan at each level (1:50) or (1:100)
1 x Short Section (1:50) or (1:100)
1 x Long Section

Ensure the orthographic drawings include appropriate conventions.The drawings can either be hand drawn digital or a combination of the two.

Note these are the minimum requirements, students are welcome to include any additional drawings
that they deem necessary.

Students will create 3 D images of their proposal, these can be exterior or interior images.

2 x 3 D Representations of the Proposal

The 3 D Representation can either be hand drawn digital or a combination of the two The 3 D representation should include the site context.

Note these are the minimum requirements students are welcome to produce more than 2 images.

A refined physical model of the proposal

Students are welcome to submit more than 1 model or a series of process models to ac company the refined model.

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